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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by teej107, Nov 25, 2014.

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    This suggestion is meant for the help sections. It may be big, but it's just a suggestion.
    Problem: I've seen quite a few threads that show a lack of the OP's research (or bad searching). Their question could have been easily answered by doing a Google search or even looking at the sticky threads.
    1. When somebody is creating a thread and clicks the "Create Thread" button
    2. A list of other clickable links or solved threads show up that could possibly answer the OP's question, before posting the thread.
    3. If the OP chooses to though, he can still post his thread.
    This is meant so we don't see the same questions over and over again. Here is an example that might be posted in the Plugin Development section:
    Title: Method getHealth() is ambiguous
    Post: <Something about the method giving an error when trying to use it>
    When the OP is ready to click "Create Thread", a list these might pop up.
    But even in the second posted example link, @AdamQpzm gave a huge list of threads with the same question.

    EDIT: Idk why it made 4 spoilers. It's the 4th one with information in it.

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    That is just one question and one example. Who knows how many of those questions would be posted if this suggestion was implemented at the time.
    If somebody posted a question about the config, this link could be one in the list of suggested links. (as well as some other solved threads with the same question)
    Putting this suggestion to use may decrease threads with questions that were already answered in a different one. It may also satisfy the OP as he didn't have to wait for an answer.
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    teej107 I completely agree with this. I actually posted a thread a while back that was along the same lines, check it out

    If you've ever seen StackOverflow, they show previous posts according to what you've put in title section. Taking a picture from last thread


    This will decrease the amount of threads being repeated, save the moderators a huge amount of work, and help out the new users.
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    This is an idea I really like and am fully behind.
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    I like it too. But considering I am not the one who has to figure out how to implement it...
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  8. Nice but there are issues before it could be implmented, Will it be custom coded or use an existing one? If it was custom who would code it? Would it be compatable with the version of XenForo (Not really an issue if custom coded)
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    Let me see if my downloads on XenForo are still allowed. My license hasn't been renewed for a while. I switched to IPBoard.
    If I can get it, I'll guide the Curse admins on how to do it.
    Will look when I get home, on mobile at the min.
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