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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Pairs, Jun 10, 2015.

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    NAME : HastePotion


    A simple plugin that adds haste potions
    into the game with a custom brewing

    The brewing recipe could be anything that
    you choose, (quartz for example)

    Pots needed :
    Haste potion I (Drinkable)
    Haste potion II (Drinkable)
    Haste Potion I (Splash)
    Haste Potion II (Splash)
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    I'm working on it, I currently have implemented all the ways you can make Haste and Haste II potions (non-splash).
    I don't know if i'm following the easiest way of doing it but i'm doing it :p

    And should I add slow digging potions aswell? :p
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    @Pairs I've not had much time but I got some work done. I'm trying to make the recipes to make them look like they use real minecraft potion logic (for example: adding redstone to a II potion will cancel out the II)
    I'll release a first build not to long from now but splash potions won't have the correct timings yet (I can't figure out what's going wrong) bukkit non splash potions should work as intended ;)
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    @Pairs You can find it here, I will update it and add features when I have the time. Feel free to give me some feedback ;)
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    No problem, if you have any more suggestions feel free to tell me!
    I'll be adding permissions in the near future.
    And also feel free to leave a like ;)
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    @mickverm how did you do the brewing? It seems to be the one thing that Bukkit offers absolutely no support for.
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    I didn't, they are just shapeless recipes :p
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    Please set this to "Filled"
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