HashMaps or ArrayLists?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by diamondcodes, Sep 15, 2014.

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    So I have been wondering, Which is better to use for storing player data such as, Bans & Mutes, ArrayLists or HashMaps? From what I understand ArrayLists reset on reload/Restart? And HashMaps dont? (Or how would I save a players name to a config when I ban them to store it that way?)
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    diamondcodes everything you don't save/load will be reset on reload/restart. I should store both in a Map, to facilitate temp bans and temp mutes.

    (Basically, a Map<UUID, Long> with the Player's UUID as the key, and s timestamp as value - where -1 is permanent)
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    It depends on your use. They have different purposes(Well ultimately both are used to store information, but one is a basic list the other is a Key, Value system)
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    fireblast709 So how would I save a ArrayList onDisable and onEnable?
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    diamondcodes onDisable loop through the ArrayList and put it in the config
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