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    Hello. I have problem with usage HashMap.

    I have diagnosed issues with HashMaps on plugin start and... it works but it doesn't. Methodes are properly executed, HashMap have good values for... time of executing method.

    1. for (Player player : Bukkit.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
    2. Hero hero = heroes.getCharacterManager().getHero(player);
    3. HeroesSkillTree hst = new HeroesSkillTree();
    4. hst.loadPlayerConfig(player.getName());
    5. hst.recalcPlayerPoints(hero, hero.getHeroClass());
    6. }

    But this is not the most strange thing. I have created /st HashMap command which loadPlayerFile and recalcPlayerPoints. Only difference between onEnable method and this is that the /st HashMap works PROPER.

    1. case "hashmap": HST.loadPlayerConfig(sender.getName());
    2. HST.recalcPlayerPoints(WAddonCore.heroes.getCharacterManager().getHero((Player)sender),
    3. WAddonCore.heroes.getCharacterManager().getHero((Player)sender).getHeroClass());
    4. sender.sendMessage(HST.playerSkills.values().toString());
    5. sender.sendMessage(HST.playerSkills.toString());
    6. sender.sendMessage(HST.playerClasses.values().toString()); break;

    Class extending JavaPlugin: click.
    Class with HashMaps: click.

    Also, how I can copy text from one *.yml file and paste in another *.yml file?
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    I know the answere to your .yml problem I think. Just open the file with a program like Notepad++ , than select the text you want to copy, press ctrl+c on Windows and cmd+c on Mac. Than open your other .yml file where you want to past the text in, press crtl+v or cmd+v and your done.
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    Just no comment... I need do it by my PLUGIN, automatic.
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    Nevermind than :p

    I thought about a solution for the .yml problem, and I think I got one. Get the text that you want and make a String variable for it. Than add the String variable to the other .yml file where you want to paste it in.

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    But how is the method for printing new line of text into .yml File (this will do all I need)?

    EDIT: I have repaired problem with HashMap.
    1. HeroesSkillTree hst = new HeroesSkillTree();

    This instance was awful.
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