Harry Potter - Quidditch and Spells

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Does this sound interesting?

  1. It sounds very interesting, and would be fun to make.

  2. It sounds very interesting, but I do not have the experience to make it.

  3. It sounds interesting, but not enough for me to make it.

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  4. It is not very interesting to me.

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  5. It is a really bad idea for a plugin.

  6. It is not possible to make, but I wish it was!

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    I am the Head of Gryffindor on a Harry Potter server called PotterCraft, arguably the most accurate Hogwarts ever made in MineCraft. The Headmaster and Owner of the server has recently expressed interest in a Harry Potter plugin, or multiple plugins, that will enhance the experience of the server drastically.
    We are currently looking for someone who is willing to create two plugins for us:

    -A Quidditch plugin, with different types of brooms as seen in the Harry Potter series.
    --This should include faster/slower brooms, better handling, etc.
    --You do not need to include the Quidditch Pitch, as this is already built.
    --It will need a way to use WorldEdit to select a region, whatever shape, and to use a command to turn it into an arena.
    --The balls must stay in that arena automatically.
    --More information will be available soon on the specifications we would like.

    -A Spells plugin, with many different spells as seen in the Harry Potter series.
    --This should include a way to be taught the spells, perhaps with certain books, perhaps with commands.
    --Commands should only be useable by people with certain permissions.
    --Only people with certain permissions should be able to use the spells.
    --A config file to group spells together would be very handy, so that we can change which spells belong in which group.
    --Permissions for spells should be per-group of spells.
    --More information and a spell list will be available soon on the specifications we would like.

    If you are willing to make either of these plugins for us, please send me a PM. Link to any of the larger plugins you have done if you have done any, and tell me which plugin you are willing to do, if not both.
    Thank you for your help and interest, we look forward to your responses.

    If you would like some screenshots of the server, here they are.

    The Chamber of Secrets:
    View attachment 13308

    The Quidditch Pitch (Where the Quidditch plugin is needed):
    View attachment 13311

    The Greenhouses:
    View attachment 13309

    General Shot:
    View attachment 13310

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    harrypotter529 This is a HUGE project, if you were willing to hire me to do it I can try and tackle it.

    Great Idea Though!

    P.S I think the Quidditch itself might not be able to be coded...But the spells with books and stuff is a great idea :D
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    There are a lot of spell plugins that you can use for this just search for them.

    A quidditch plugin could be possible with something like flying boats as brooms, but they are to hard control and not very fun.

    P.S. I like how the entire map is downloaded off of planetminecraft...
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    I know there are, we are getting one. Thanks.

    They are to control, and not very fun?

    The entire map is downloaded off of planetminecraft?
    What are you talking about?
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    How are the brooms suppose to work? I can imagine it is possible to use flying boats instead but that wouldn't really have the same feel to it.
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    Yes, I agree dan. But we are going to see how it works out, I have a plan in mind that would make it better.
  7. I got an idea how Quidditch could work:
    Fireballs with players as passenger. There's only one problem: How to control them?
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    A stick? You can buy certain sticks not just any old stick and those sticks can do different things, fly speed, etc.
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    Ok, I did finally make a plugin which has fully customizable broom sticks and I am waiting for it to be approved by bukkit. But I'm not completely sure how to do the actual game of Quidditch.
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    If you want to post a video on Youtube, I would be interested in seeing that
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    Few suggestions: allow signs to select your stick by plaing the sign [broom] and on second line the name and on last line a price.
    Also make the sticks have duribility so if you get hit too many times you will fall to the ground with the death message " (players) broom stick snaped in two. " and thridly a option in config to add special feature e.g shooting fireballs which will do 5 damage to a players stick. Also the ability to go in a "pit stop" to repair your broom at a price. Or free but it will take time, not instant. But if you have the perm it will be instant, using perms you can setup the time it takes,mthis encourages donators.
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    A 'pit stop' is not Quidditch.
    Fireballs could be, if they are remade as bludgers. I am not sure if you can control fireballs with some sort of code, but that is an idea.
    And I don't understand your first point Mitch, signs to select your stick by placing the sign... what? Why does a sign need to select your stick?

    Just tested it out, great start! Maybe try to make the flying a bit smoother, but other than that...
    Commented on the plugin, asked whether it would be possible to make you sit when flying? Just as a thought.

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    Yah so you could buy your stick or select what stick you want and it will give you it.
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    Ah, okay. We would probably use NPCs for that, as you would buy your broom in Quality Quidditch Supplies, in Diagon Alley.
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    I have seen that one and we do not want it. It does not have enough spells and lacks the features that we want. We found a plugin that will work for now, we are more concerned about some form of working Quidditch plugin right now.
    I know it really is not possible, and so I settled to just use your broom plugin Dan. I have to run it by the server owner first though, and he has been extremely busy.
    However, I am hoping that you can make the flight a little bit smoother, and perhaps change it so all you have to do is rename the shovels to make the brooms. Like, A diamond shovel will only be a broom if it is named "Firebolt", and will have the appropriate speed.
    Is that possible?
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    Yes that is possible to do but I thought it would make more sense to use a book to enchant the broom. This way you can rename the broom to something like "DanTheMan's awsome BroomStick" and it will still fly. Also, I will eventually make a system for Quidditch but I'm not completely sure what is the best way to do it yet. As for smooth flight I really don't know what to do. It seems smooth to me for the most part unless there is lag and I can't really fix that easily.
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    Who ever is gonna code it I have 2 plugins that fill everything harry potter I made them, There buggy and need updates though I will give them to the Dev who wants to help me update it and make it public.
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    For flying...just enable fly mode...and for the brooms...just have boots (dyed, enchanted, named, etc.) If a player takes the boots off, then he/she falls (not sure if this is possible)
    For the snitch (not sure if that is the correct term)...maybe have another player fly around in gold armor with speed 1 or 2... and to prevent the snitch from going to far, you have another region selection that is even larger than the arena.

    Just some thoughts.
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    This is not the place for you to be asking for help coding something. I am using this post as a request for plugins to be made, not for you to enlist coders.

    Interesting idea, although we would not want the snitch to be a player.
    Is there any way of coding a certain item so that when it is dropped (Maybe use a command while holding it first), it flys around the arena? Only the Seekers can pick it up, and that could be the Snitch.
    Also, boots might work, however we were hoping for something more substantial. We will use shovels or something if we have to, because then it has to be in your hand. If it was something you could wear, then people would always be flying around.

    We would likely want a structured system, similar to the different things you see in the series. An example is Cleansweep vs Nimbus vs Firebolt, etc.
    We want it to be the same basic thing, and very obvious which broom you have.
    This post is a great place to get ideas for a Quidditch System, because that is what we have been tossing out here :D
    The bumpy flight is not a result of lag. I do not really understand what would cause it, but I can explain it as jumping. It is like the flight works by causing the player to jump many times over and over. And when the player is not shift/right clicking, then the jumping stops.
    It would be great if this can be solved, however for now it is still fun to fly around. There is a nice difference between the base broom and the best broom, so cool work there.

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    Well I have the plugins you need, so any dev who is going to make them for you I would be willing to give them to make you the plugin they just need to update it I haven't been able to but it has pretty much everything you need just trying to help you.
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    For the snitch, an item flying around would not be possible. Believe it or not, Quidditch has been adapted as a real sport, and the seekers chase around a person (the snitch). This would be the only, and easiest way of doing this.
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    Codex Arcanum

    As a developer, I'd like to say that while a flying item would be harder, it would be possible. Items can have a velocity, and thus, can fly.
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    Which version of the plugin are you using? Because I made some changes to the way flying works and I think it is a bit smoother in the new update, 2.0.

    Actually, I'm thinking that bats would make the perfect snitch as they already fly about pretty randomly. The only changes that would need to be made is to make them fly faster and perhaps make a texture pack where they appear golden.

    Although I already have one plugin more or less done, I would like to take a look at yours to see if I could use them. Especially the spells plugin because that one would take a while to do from scratch.

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    Good idea! Never thought of that. Only problem is, they would fly around everywhere, and the seekers might be flying really far, making the matches really long. Good Idea. In addition to a texture pack, maybe have Spout features, where if the player has spout, it displays a golden snitch. But if the player doesn't, then it show a bat.
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    As I have already stated, we do NOT want to use HarryPotterSpells. Please stop saying that. We have a spells plugin which will work for now, however we will still be looking for someone to code our own likely.

    You do not need to focus on the Spells plugin. We am currently looking for a Quidditch plugin, the Spells have falled into the back seat. But if you still want to work on one, go right ahead. It will still be helpful.

    We really do not understand how Spout works. Before you send me a link, I have read up on it, but I do not understand it still. We probably will not use Spout, we will just use normal Minecraft. A bat is a good idea, but it would need to be extremely close to death. One hit has to kill it, but you have to make sure that that one hit can only come from a Seeker. If you could turn off environmental damage or anything else for the bat, it would be great. And find a way so that only the designated Seekers can actually hurt it. If you can do that, we have a fully functional Snitch! You can just code it so the person who kills it is the one who caught it.
    Maybe you can make it so if you enchant a bat spawn egg with Infinity and rename it to 'Golden Snitch', then it becomes a Snitch when you use it? And is it possible to make it so the spawn egg bypasses the Server.properties rule of animal spawning? Because that seems to disable all of the spawn eggs.

    If you can do all of that, I know it is a bit confusing, we would have a Snitch! Cool!

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    I also need to figure out a way to make sure it does not fly out of the arena. Although based on the simple testing I've done for the bat so far it seems to be too slow and even gets stuck in a corner of the arena.

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