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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by VIGOR, Jan 14, 2020.

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    I would love a plugin all about Harry Potter!

    Minecraft Version: 1.8 or 1.13.2 either

    Suggested Name: SpellHog

    What I want:
    1. I would like all the Harry Potter spells included
    2. Sorting Hat to sort into the 4 houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The way I would like the Sorting Hat to sort someone into a house is by making the user do a quiz.
    3. Brooms
    4. Different types of wands, which can be edited in the config.yml, also the first wand the player gets must be tried then see if the wand chooses the player; if the wand does not choose the player, the wand in the players inventory must disappear and will be given a new wand to try out until a wand finally chooses the player.
    5. House points
    6. When to enter a common room I would like the player to say a password, which can be seen by doing /hoghouse; the password must be able to change in the config.yml at any point if someone has exposed the password.
    7. To hide the password in chat if someone has said it in chat to expose the password and also to hide the password to be said in private messages inside the game.

    Ideas for commands:
    1. /hoglearn or /hlearn {spell} - give the player the ability to use a spell
    2. /hogwand or /hwand {player} - gives a player a wand to try and if the wand
    3. /hogpoints or /hpoints - to show the current players points and their house
    4. /hoghouse or /hhouse - to tell you more about the house and how to enter your common room
    5. /hogpassword or /hpassword - to enter the players house common room they must put this cmd and then the password.
    6. /hogsort or /hsort - to sort or change a players house to a certain house they would prefer to be in if there may be a complication with the Sorting Hat
    7. Any command you wish to add will be very much helpful!

    Ideas for permissions:
    1. hog.learn
    2. hog.wand
    3. hog.points
    4. hog.house
    5. hog.password
    6. hog.sort
    7. hog.* - for all the command options
    8. the command you may add must be in the same format as the rest, which is hog. whatever.

    When I would like it to be done: I would love if it will be done in 3 weeks - a month, but you can contact me if you need more time.

    Thank you
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