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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Cam6304, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Harry Potter Roleplay

    Suggested name: HPClasses

    Version: Spigot 1.12

    What I want: A plugin that is like a class in school, though based around harry potter - so adding grades, etc etc. There should be 1 teacher, and maybe the notification for a class being holotext flashing across the screen, or big writing in chat. Also, if possible, maybe there could be a custom class chat, so when you join the class, it automatically puts you into the class chat. Finally, there will be one professor for each class, and the professor can add as many helpers as possible.

    For the class chat, I'd like it to be something like..
    &8[&6Class&8] (ROLE HERE) &7IGN: Hello everyone!

    I would need this to be compatible with PEX. So, whatever rank they are in-game will be transferred over to the class chat. If someone is added as a Helper, the role would be &5(&dHelper&5), and the professor's role would be something like &5(&dProfessor&5). Each of these roles would have &d chat color, and regular players would have &f, which is the default chat color.

    Also, whenever a professor does /class start, it would pop up with a message in chat like..
    &8[&6Class&8] &5Professor&d (name)&5 has started a &d&l(class name)&5 class! &2Click &a&lHERE&2 to join the queue for the class!

    and once they join, it would say something like:
    &8[&6Class&8] &aYou have successfully joined the queue for (class) class. You will be teleported momentarily.

    Finally, once the professor does /class tp, it will TP all of the students in the queue to the spawn point of the class, and then once the professor is ready, they will do /class ready, and there will be a message & title on your screen, like so..

    &8[&6Class&8] &aThe class has started. (THIS IS THE MSG IN THE CHAT)

    &6(CLASS NAME) <next line> &ehas began. (THIS IS THE TITLE ON YOUR SCREEN)

    Now, at any point in time, the professor can add their helpers, by doing /class set (IGN) Helper.

    Also, at any time in the class, the helpers or professors can add anyone to the class. You can do this by doing /class add (IGN). Once someone joins the class, it will say &3USERNAME has joined the class.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /class join (Name)
    - /class create (Name) [Will set the class spawn point at a certain point where you are standing]
    - /class start
    - /class end (Ends the class)
    - /class late {Make it so players can no-longer join that class queue}
    - /class tp (Tp's all of the students in the queue to the class spawn)
    - /class setspawn (Sets the class spawn to where you are standing)
    - /nc (When and what the next class is) [Possibly a title across your screen saying it]
    - /class kick IGN (# of credits received) [This will kick someone from the class with a certain amount of Class Credits. If you put 0, they will be kicked from the class, with a message saying &8[&6Class&8] &aYou have been kicked from the class, and you have received (# of CC's) Class Credits! ]
    - /class silence (To silence the whole class, toggles the class chat)
    - /class rh toggle (To enable / disable students being able to raise their hand)
    - /class magic (To enable / disable magic wands, brooms, etc. The plugin our server is using is the magic plugin by NathanWolf.)
    - /rh (To raise your hand) [It would say for example: &6{USERNAME} &3has raised their hand.
    - /class point <Username> (Then only that person can speak) [It should say in the class chat if possible: &3{USERNAME} has picked {USERofWhoRoseTheirHand}
    - /class give (hand out work or any items that you are holding in your hand to the entire class)
    - /turnin (hand in your work to the teacher)
    - /class grade {GRADE) [The grades will include O+, O, O-, E+, E, E-, A+, A, A-, P, D, or T. Whenever you do this command, it will add a lore to the book saying something like your grade on one line, and the professor whom graded it on the second line)

    Ideas for permissions:
    class.helper (Gives kick permission & grade permission)
    class.* (All of the class permissions)

    The only ones you don't need a permission for are /rh, /nc, /turnin, and being able to join the class itself.

    When I'd like it by: Next Week, or in about 2 weeks
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    I should be able to have this done within 3 weeks!
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    So this shall be one big mc school as a plugin? xD definetly a whole new level of rpg in minecraft
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    this plugin is still in develoment?
  5. Is anyone still making this one, or made any part of it, if so, put it up on GitHub or smth, so I can help too :)
    Umm, what are the different classes that can be started?

    Sorry for the 3rd edit, what is the world name where all the classes are?
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    Hi Link, I plan on having it in a world called 'Classes1', but it should be configurable so you can change it.

    Also, you can just do /class create (name). If you put transfiguration, in the join broadcast, it would say transfiguration (for example)
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    this plugin sounds really cool!!
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  8. The class spawns are to be set from ingame or in the config?
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    In game!
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