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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by fenixtigerz, Oct 21, 2012.

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    A server named <removed> has been giving me grief. They hacked my email account and used the personal details attached to it to harass me for opening up my own server. They Posted on their own forums with a newly created account on their own. They also did this from my own IP somehow and im not sure how. They incited their own members and staff and now are visiting us and harassing us on a regular basis.

    My programming knowledge on java is limited and they threaten they can shut my server down every time i bring it up. I dont know if this can be done without hacking into my computer seeing as we have a basic hierarchy system (unregistered being with barely any next to no perms). I need extra security and im concerned about this group of malicious people. I know they have techs on their who change their IP everytime they come on to bypass IP bans and standard ban procedures but this is enough. Can anyone help me?

    <Removed by admin> Name and shame is not allowed here.
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    Inform the police, but I bet they'll care nothing about your hacker problems. Change your IP and make a new e-mail adress, change your identity and it'll be okay.
  3. They can do nothing... they probably can't even hack your server.
    So just ban them.
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    Doogie Talons

    Aye most of these clowns act like anonymous but couldn't break a sceensaver password.
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    Yeah, im gonna keep banning them, im just curious if there is anything they can do
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    Not really. You could make your server whitelist though, that could work. Could even use my plugin TheWhitelister for it (whitelists everyone who has ever joined)
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    I'm not entirely sure how a white list plugin works, i tried bringing up your plugins page but i didn't understand it. A white list prevents new members from joining is that right?
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    It does, yes. No-one can join, except people that are on the list. It's got command to add players to the list.
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    Have you enabled online mode?
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    Online mode is not enabled, but I wanted to allow my server to be a public one i may have to look into a premium server
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    Yes, buy the game. Just a small word of advice, Bukkit Staff don't allow threads with offline mode servers, they'll lock your thread :p as I learned before.

    And offline mode is a big security risk. I learned a lesson from that :)
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    If you want to run an offline mode server, you are in trouble when it comes to security.

    Set: online-mode=true
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