Hard to believe this doesn't already exist. I need an anti-pvp plugin for spawn.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Lemony_Lime, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I need to restrict PVP around spawn in a customizable radius. I want everything outside of this radius to be considered wilderness, and player killing is only allowed in that area. An optional message telling you that you're entering the wilderness would be great as well. I can't find any way to do that either.

    Even better than this, would be the ability to set the area in game, by going to the center of the pvp protected zone, and typing in a command in game.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    this can be done with a combination of plugins, if not one alone. MV handles tping well, uhm... probably worldguard for non pvp, idk pvp zone plugins too well, I'd say the radius thing isn't done but uhm yeah... that maybe is better done as a feature request on a pvp-zone plugin than one in itself. that being said, someone might make it for ya.
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    Marcos Cosmos is correct.

    WorldGuard does this using Flags. zMod will also perform a similar function.

    If you have towny or residence installed, you can set Spawn as a town and turn PvP off and set the Mayor/Owner as "NPC_1." We did this on our server since we found it easier to just "claim" the territory than to mark out all the territory using WorldGuard since not all of the mods were familiar with WorldGuard.

    Using Towny, you can also set a PvP "Town" and select the chunks you want to claim for PvP purposes and these chunks would then be PvP enabled. If you want specific areas to be PvP Enabled, but they're not connecting with the original town you can then claim an Outpost. These outposts then act as an extension of the original PvP "town." You can even set whether or not the territory can be destroyed by outsiders or not, if you want to build a mock town where players can fight for control.

    BTW: Thanks for giving me some ideas.
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    Regios will do this as well

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