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    What i want: the XP bar is now the happiness bar. the player must keep the bar up by doing certain things: running, eating food, playing games (plugin support), monster fighting, talking in chat, and mining. if the happiness bar runs out, the player commits suicide (like /suicide command in essentials). When a player goes afk, the happiness drops very fast. like i said earlier, there should be as many games plugins supported as possible, for example SleefUltimate and MobArena. there should also be an option to enter commands into the config that players will get happiness for using. the actual level above the bar is your vanilla XP so you still can know what your level is

    commands: /HappyBar hide
    /HappyBar show
    permissions: HappyBar.show

    suggested name: HappyBar

    When i need it by: within 2 or 3 months
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    This sounds fun.. but how frequently do you want the bar to go down, and will it stay still for a while if you do something 'happy', so you wont instantly start getting 'bored'?
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    The rate if needs to be somewhere faster than hunger, and yes, there should be a gap
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    was it something i said?:oops:
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    He probably doesn't know you replied to him, because you didn't use the reply button.
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    Ahhhggggg!!!!! Glitchy iPad!

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