Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to us!

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    Happy New Year everyone! We wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for what will, without a doubt, be an amazing year filled with lots of potential and enormous possibilities!

    We hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve and New Years, if you can even remember what you did. As we move into the new year, our beloved project turns one year old and it's a bit surreal for us that so much time has passed by already. It honestly feels like we were beginning the project just yesterday. But here we are, at our first anniversary - an important milestone on what we hope will be a long and fulfilling journey to bring the Minecraft community what it wants.

    As we move into the new year, I'd just like to cover a few important changes you should be aware of, if you aren't already:

    New Recommended Build with better support for Minecraft 1.0.1
    Our first Recommended Build release for 1.0.1 was aimed at compatibility and stability. Since many of you rely on the RB system to run your servers, we decided to get a build out that everyone could use that was stable and compatible with 1.0.1 to keep your users happy.

    In our next RB release we are aiming at adding new APIs to Bukkit to provide Plugin Developers with more tools to make awesome plugins based off of the new content in Minecraft 1.0.1 such as an API for Brewing stands. As there are a lot of new additions in Minecraft 1.0.1, we do not have an estimated time when this new RB will be available but we are actively working on it.

    New Development System:
    Code named "Bleeding", our new development system is designed to allow the community to become more actively involved in the development of Bukkit and CraftBukkit. We believe that “Bleeding” will drastically improve the efficiency and quality of the project, as well as open more doors for faster and more frequent innovation.

    For more information on Bleeding, check out our Bleeding announcement and our most recent article on the system.

    Staff Restructuring:
    We recently bolstered our Community Staff and Admin team with several individuals who have given a lot to our community, and I'd like to publicly mention and thank them for their continued commitment to making our community the greatest place it can be.

    Over the past few months we've added 3 Admins to the team: @Rigby90, @Verrier and @fernferret who have been crucial in pushing out many of the changes and improvements we've made to the project and community as a whole. As we are all busy individuals outside of Bukkit, we've decided to add @NuclearW as an Administrator to help us out with all the ambitious ideas and initiatives we have in mind for the future. On top of this, we've added 6 Community Staff members to help us better manage our large family and community.

    As we're all aware, BukkitDev's approval process has been a large concern within the community and to address any delays we've seen, we have added and will continue to add staff to meet the demands of the community. To that end, we've added 8 BukkitDev staff members to provide extra, overlapping coverage to minimise the approval queue wait times as best as we can.

    To address some weaknesses we've noticed in the project, I am pleased to announce we've created two new positions within the project whose sole purpose is to improve on those areas. It is my pleasure to announce that @TnT will be heading our new Bukkit Help initiative and @resba will be heading our new Bukkit Docs initiative.

    Please join me in both welcoming and thanking our current and new staff, we wouldn't be where we are without them and they are simply awesome.

    For those of you who have been with us from the beginning: thanks so much for your continued support, you're the ones who have gotten us to this point. If you're just joining us, are relatively new to the community or weren't there from the beginning: thank you for choosing to become a part of our history and our story.

    Additionally, more detailed information on the above initiatives and other plans will be made available soon.

    To a new year filled with promise for Minecraft and our amazing community! Thanks for everything!
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Happy bukkay birthdit! :)
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    Happy birthday Bukkit.
    More cake please.
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    Happy birthday bukkit, and a happy new year to all! :)

    Looking forward to another year of bukkit!
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    You've come a bloody long way in one year. I hope you keep the great work going. Happy birthday Bukkit!
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    Happy Birthday Bukkit, here's to another one this time next year.
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    Happy Birthday Bukkit!

    [cake] for us!
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    [cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake][cake] for al of you
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    Happy Birthday bukkit! and happy mc anniversary to me :D (i started playing on the first)

    cake to all! [cake]
  10. Oh yeah! 2012 - the year of Spout :p
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    Happy Birthday Bukkit! Welcome to all the new staff :)
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    hai im jayabaluan im new.......... hapy new year to alllllllllllllllll................
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    Happy Birthday Bukkit. All the best in the new year!
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    Happy Birthday Bukkit
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    Merry Birthday Bukkit :)
    and Happy new year to everyone!
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    Merry Birthday Bukkit! I couldn't have done a lot of you guys didn't do this :)
  17. Happy birthday Bukkit, and congratulations to all the new staff!
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    Is the bukkitdev store one of these initiatives, or has that been there?
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    Happy Birthday from 4am (and MokumeMia, who doesn't have an account here)!
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    That's a whole lot of words to say 'we will tell you what we are doing later'.
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    Happy birthday Bukkit, and happy new year!
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    We thought it better to post something now and more later, than nothing now and all later.

    That and the longer it would take the less fitting it would be to talk about New Years...
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    Happy New Bukkit Year!
    I will Bukkit Everything!
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    Wow! It's been a year already, finally a community that I've been there for the start of :)
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    And a happy new year to you as well.
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    Weren't a lot of these things the things that the community split over?
    Posting this after the dev community split seems a bit late.

    Dev community splits impact server owners and end users as well, what will you do in the future to prevent these?
    Do you even have a plan to make the project less toxic to innovation?

    This all looks like an advertising campaign to bring up support before your competitors release their complete product.
    Instead you should be saying "sorry we made it difficult for certain devs to get work done here." and wish them well.

    I know it sucks to admit, but the word is bukkit has become a bit like hmod.
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    @Meiun This is a big milestone for bukkit, is there much need to make it into something negative? Especially here.
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    i don't know about negative, its more a pragmatic assessment.
    Given whats happened lately it's healthy suspicion over making things public without any concrete information about the nature of the project. Its advertising.

    Instead of positive posts with no content, that totally ignore all the problems going on, id like to see an acknowledgement of both failures and successes and see real plans about what the dev team is going to do about it.

    I know the devteam does this in their free time but they need to be a little more professional in their announcements and the way they deal with plugin developers since the community relies on them. If you dont like the heat get out of the kitchen.
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    I agree that the community can be kept in the dark at times but i dont think it has a negative impact on the community, and when I used to develop more actively I didn't really have much to say that was wrong about this. Mainly because my developing didn't rely on having to know everything and everything that was happening. If the management were too open about the here's and there's of Bukkit itcould also adversely affect things.
    I still see no problems with Bukkit and the way it operates, but this is just my opinion.
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    Since Jeb_ seems to be considering doing a possible update tomorrow (Thursday), how is this going to effect Bukkit?
    Will you guys be able to get a compatible build/update/RB out, soon enough? Instead of focusing on another RB for 1.0.1, will you be changing to focus on the next MC version instead?


    Edit: Happy Birthday to Bukkit btw, didn't mean to hijack a thread with an odd question, I just clicked the post on the front page.. In response to the info about the next RB..
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