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    What I Want: this is a game from Halo and I always wanted it to be made for minecraft there would be signs that you could click on i want the signs a smiler method like Survival Games and also when you join a map you can not move in till the match has started. there will be a eye of ender in the middle of the map the red or blue team gets it and then takes it to the other teams plat form and they score a point you have to score 5 points to win it for your team also the XP bar is the time limit there is a 15 min time limit also you will get a gravity hammer it will have enchantments on it and the eye of ender will also have enchantments so please i really want this plugin made thanks for looking.

    /gb vote vote to start the game
    /lobby takes you to the GrifBall lobby
    /gb leave leave the current match you are in
    Admin Commands
    /gb createarena
    /gb setlobbyspawn
    /gb addwall <arena>
    /gb disable <game id>
    /gb enable <game id>
    /gb enable
    /gb start <arena>
    /gb start
    /gb setspawn next
    /gb setspawn <spawn id>
    /gb delarena <id>
    /gb restetspawns <id>

    What i want the join signs to look like

    Click to join
    Arena #
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    harrisonhaunted Maybe tell what the eye of ender does when you use it, and the gravity hammer
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    the gravity hamer will be a gold axe with enchantments the gravity hamer you will get when you join the games when you capture the Grif Ball aka the eye of ender it will have enhantments also but stronger then the gravity hamer this is the item you take to the other team play form to score a point the player that captures the GrifBall they will have enchanted leather armor that is yellow and the Default player will be blue and also enchanted if you want more details just tell me and i will reply :D
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    This plugin is made by XxLeetGamerxX, atm this plugin is private it will be released soon. Be patient this plugin is a friend of the manager of the survivalgames plugin (Double0negative)
    If you want to play grifball there's only one server and it's Double0negative's IP: mc-sg.org
    When you're on this server do /server gb. :)
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    but i just want a private one for my server :/
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    What part of "It will be released soon" didn't you get?
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    do you know when it is going to be nope i guse not
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Do you know when this request will be done? Guess not.
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    this plugin will not be released any time soon. Its private, and is planned to stay that way.

    ZexyZek requested the plugin from leetgamer, and him and I now run the "Official" or only grifball server there is


    I decided to put it on mc-sg aswell.

    Please don't copy.
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    It's not "copying" unless he takes your code.
    With what both of you are saying, this seems more like advertising than helping harrisonhaunted out with getting a plugin.
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    i wont malo i love your server and play on it all the time thx for telling me
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    The idea was taken off my server, so yes the idea is copied. Im just informing people that this plugin has already been made, and that its a private plugin on my servers. I have met multiple devs who do not like making plugins that other servers already have.
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    Malo i need help on my server may i ask if you could be co-Owner
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    no thanks
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    malo can you add me on skype i would like to talk to you in person for the first time :D
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    Malo, I would say you copied http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/minecraft-grifball.128657/
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    I actually had an idea of this about a year ago..
    Not all ideas are from your server, though you think they are. They are not.

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