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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sakuto29, Mar 11, 2013.

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    We have a hacker attacking our server, we cant ban him because he isnt in the game but he is accessing it from the console, he is controlling people in chat. Any plugins or recommendations?
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    Running in online mode? Downloading plugins directly from BukkitDev?
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    Change your passwords, double check your plugins and so on.
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    Turn off your computer.
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    Super User

    Stop being total dicks about offline-mode. You guys shun them like they're rats. Offline-mode =/= access to console. Even if it were offline there are plugins that offer late authentication.

    Change your passwords. If they got in again, then scan your PC for RATs.
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    We're not going to stop, the community and the people running it have decided offline mode is unsupportable by our community. If you have a problem with us following rules, yell at TnT
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    Those plugins don't fully protect you either. I have seen many cases where people get exploited due to running offline mode even with those plugins.

    Simply put: Offline mode is insecure and not supportable. It should not be used for anything other than testing - and if you are using it for testing, you shouldn't require our assistance.

    If he has control of your console, you need to lock down your OS/Control panel. Speak to your hosting provider (if you use one) and get them to assist. Use strong passwords and remove user accounts you do not need from your system - reset the passwords on the user accounts you do need - resetting them to something secure.
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    Super User

    Still they are just allowing cracked players. They are not breaking the law, altering bukkit is anyway. Bukkit offered this feature and I don't see anywhere it HAS to be used for testing. My server runs offline-mode and I cannot request assistance from Bukkit at all.

    Also scan your PC for any keyloggers.
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    How the hell can he access console?
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    correction: MOJANG offering this feature, also, supporting piracy is breaking law in a few countries.
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    Super User

    You don't need to pirate the cracked client. Googling "<removed>" will give you a download. So you're argument is invalid.

    EDIT: Also Notch said himself, "If you can't buy the game go ahead and get cracked.".
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    why would you use a cracked client if you arent a pirate..?
    also, Notch never said that, else he would simply give out the game for free and add a donation button, and wouldnt had doubled the price of the game.
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    He did actually say that, over twitter.

    Regardless of whether Mojang supports it, we are not Mojang, and we do not support offline servers.

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    more than an year ago, about alpha, i think? a few months after that minecraft got its first RDM, and then, a demo mode.

    its quite clear that notch didnt mean it, or his stance changed.
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    Super User

    Nonono, it was not in Alpha. It's a decision to the onwers whether they support cracked clients. I honestly think that we should support offlinemode. Seriously its only one boolean.
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    "why cant we kill with guns? seriously, its only pressing that trigger..."

    and piracy is against the law in some countries.
    if you want to be thrown to jail, fine by me.
    dont drag everyone else to this.
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    The point here Super is that WE do not support offline-mode, Mojang can support it if they would like but Bukkit doesn't not and does not offer support for it.
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    Going to be making a final conclusion:

    The Bukkit community simply does not support offline or "cracked" servers due to the fact that offline-mode is insecure and unsupportable. If you do not like this, you're welcome to leave. We are not forcing you to use Bukkit. Yea, sure, Mojang supports it, which in fact, Notch did say over a Tweet. But, by bringing up Mojang and THEIR actions, what does it have to do ANYTHING with the actions of the Bukkit community. Completely irrelevant.

    Staff has been reported for a close on this thread.
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    Yeah sure, we'll support not only piracy, but the people who comes running to these forums crying about how their server got hacked because of how insecure it is. Just think that through for a few minutes.

    Anyway (not trying to be a backseat admin/mod) I think this thread should be answered directly or be locked, its gonna start a flame war soon.
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    Yay flame wars :D
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    Let us see affects of offline mode:
    - Cracked accounts join
    - Your server gets noted on every hacking website
    - It is easier to crash that server
    - Proxying in is easier

    Learn something before making your incredibly incorrect posts that lead to bad things.

    This would not be able to be stopped by plugins, I would contact your ISP about this issue.

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    Super User

    Actually sir, I think it is you with the idiotic posts.
    - Yes people can connect with cracked accounts.
    - No, there are hundreds of cracked servers. I think those communities are more interested in 10GB/s booters, RAT clients, FUD Crypters, etc.
    - How?
    - You can't use proxies on a mc server...

    Learn something before making your idiotic posts. You should also learn the difference between PROXIES, and VPN's.
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    So your saying a server that's in offlinemode is more secure than a server in onlinemode? Are you stupid?
    It's easy to overload a server with max players from a click of a button on cracked servers and crash it.
    I used the term "proxy" because it's the term most hacking clients use not that it is correct
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    Uhh, Super User , actually he's correct about the last two bullets. They can crash the server easier, using proxies, by simply spamming up the log, it isn't that hard to do with hacked clients. (NOTE: I said hacked, not cracked.) And you can use proxies on Minecraft. Check out a public hacked client, which I will not mention, of course. You may want to edit your post about the "Learn something before making your idiotic posts" - part.

    Now, Bukkit Staff, PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD.
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    Super User

    Actually proxies are spoofed IP's on browsers. VPN spoofs IP leaving the modem.
    Also the "crashing" thing, if you are talking about bot attacks it can be counteracted with AntiBot. These types of attacks do not crash a server at all. Staff do please close this thread before more stupidity arises.
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    Really? It doesn't crash a server at all? A spammed out server by alot of clients doesn't crash a server. It's your stupidity arising.
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    Super User

    You must of run into servers run by 9 year old kids. I think you should stop flaming so much.
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    I'm just stating the obvious that you don't know what your talking about at all. I'm going to stop commenting because all your looking for is a fight.
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    Hey OP did you fix your problem

    On another note, I have only ran across two problems in two years of running an offline server. Thus the change to online. Both were my fault for not following what I was taught in security +. First problem was not securing admin and mod accounts when i changed my auth server. second was when i gave a user too much permission. Now with online mode and my training, i only give what a user needs to play or admin the server. nuff said, lets stay on topic.
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    Super User

    I do know exactly what I'm talking about, and what you posted up there. Everyone else was supporting their arguments without any flaming. You just came around insulting me. Also the fact that you edited your post to seem like you didn't start it is even worse. You also seemed to have dropped the other points I have mentioned because I was correct on them.

    TnT please lock this thread, OP has solved the issue and this argument is leading to massive flaming.
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