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    Some Hackers log in to my server using a / infront of the admin username and that person have the admin commands eg "Me" is Admin, He Use "/Me" to login and he can use all of "Me" permissions
    i'm in an offline mode server. Please help!!! any plugin can prevent the person from logging in?
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    Its in-secure to use offline mode. I would recommend you to go for online mode. Minecraft it self aint that expensive and if you played it more than 10 hours is totaly worth paying for.

    Tho you could try to use another authme plugin to solve ur issue. But like i said its not secure of running a offline mode server.
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    Yea i know that its ok for me 19 euro, but most people in the world like my friends wont buy the minecraft so the only thing to do is to make it offline btw i use xauth (same Thing). its just when they login they can register a new password and have all the commands that the "Me" have
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    cracked servers are not supported.
    turn the server to online mode to fix the problem.
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    While I don't believe bukkit.org has any official rule against offline mode, the community tend to take a dim view of it, especially with regards to security.
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    Cracked servers are allowed. Bukkit did not told us anything about No Cracked Server Allowed
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    There are plugins that require your players to verify their login off your forum. This would mean if your admins are already set up on your forum, others can not copy it.

    But in all honesty.... just buy the game. Off line mode is more of a headache then what you save.
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    i have like hundreds of friends. 90% of them wont buy the game. but i do
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    Locked. Buy the game, and get your friends to buy the game.
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