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    Hi I have a Plugin called NoCheatPlus But Its very annoying because
    1. Everytime someone trys to cheat it says on my screen Even when they arent using nodus
    NCP: Bla
    2. They get kicked for flying cause people knockback people very far
    3. It stops people from Pvping when NCP Comes up
    So Do you know how to fix this problem OR another type of Plugin that will stop hackers?

    One more Problem, This might sound wierd But on my server, where i made spawn, i proteted it with world edit But when players join and hang out in spawn, their hunger bar goes down, does anyone know how to fix that?
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    If you protect and area that doesn't make your players invulnerable or unstarvable. Try using the feed-amount/feed-delay/feed-min-hunger/feed-max-hunger flags to do so.

    I suggest you to use the feed-min-hunger to 6 or 1 (3 hunger bars or half a hunger bar) so people won't exploit the spawn area to regenerate their feed bar.

    To do so, use "/region flag nameofyourregion feed-min-hunger X".
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    1. NC+ isn't specially created to only block Nodus. The idea of it is to record player movement and decide if it is illegal (cheat) or legal (no cheat). So it blocks other mods/clients as well that try to move illegally on your server.
    You can disable in-game notifications in your configuration file if you wish to do so.
    2. Very far? Can you explain this better? SurvivalFly check supports knockback enchantments but if you use a special plugin that lets them knockback even more than its possible to get false positives with this check.
    3. Yea. If it picks up a fight cheat attempt it will deny pvp/pve for that player until he/she stops cheating (false positives possible here).

    Feel free to ask for direct support on out ticket tracker: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/nocheatplus/tickets/But remember to give us more informations (opening a new ticket will ask you the stuff we need to know) so we can find a solution for your problem(s).
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    I bet your using the * node.
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