Hacker on the server??!! What do we do??!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by scopa1811, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Okay so... On the server I am part of staff on a few days ago we saw bits of the server blown up... We started questioning ourselves and wondering who did it, seeing it was protected with world guard and safezone and all that... Then a player joined and asked a member of staff who the owner was, he told him who the owner was, then we saw him log out then the owner logged in. The person on the owners account was not the owner and it was clearly that person, he is capable of hacking all Minecraft accounts then he hacked the console of our server, opping himself then we banned him. He somehow unbanned himself and opped himself again. At the moment he is online and opped, he opped himself ingame without being opped already, and is watching the console, my friend just deoped him and we think he might get angry and ruin the server. Any tips??? He has access to the console!!!
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    put online-mode=true in server.properties
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    it already is but we think hes using a hacked client aswell, also the server is hosted from a company we pay $30 a month, so we hav to login to the website to get to the console,
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    search for his ip and then block it
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    hes unbanning himself every possible chance he gets

    I dont wanna say his username, but should i post the ip of the server here so u can hav a look

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    how is the server hosted
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    24/7 on a mc pro hosting ip: crealm.mcph.co:25610
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    You're a liar.

    You can't hack a console access. You can give out the password to someone, and they can spread it around too. From there, they can op themselves.

    You can't just 'hack' minecraft accounts. They're all authenticated, so unless you didn't purchase yours legitimately from Minecraft.net, then don't bother complaining about your account getting hacked
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    somewere on that you can choose wich ip can log on
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    Well this guy was doing that im not lying

    idk how he was doing it, but he logged in on the owners account

    why would i be lying?? i wouldnt just come on here to annoy people

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    Sound more like SQL injection on your hoster. Or man-in-the-middle attack on staff members.
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    Ok so i just went on the console and when it says (player joined with the ip adress....) he hasnt got 1 according to this...
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    Change your password to the account with your hoster, change any other password like SSH or whatever else you use, and it's over. And don't use plugins or any downloads from sources you are not sure are 100% trustworthy. Nobody can just join a server with a funny client and take over the ship, it's just not possible. Unless you were not careful with passwords, or installed plugins from a bit.ly link you found on YouTube.
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    Manners rule.
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    Locked. Flaming.

    Online-mode=true will stop someone logging in as another persons legit minecraft account. If you think they gained console access, contact your hosting provider.
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