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    If you have a question or concern about a change or policy on the forums under the new staff please post it here.

    This however is not the place for posting

    • Non constructive complaint threads
    • Arguing about decisions. Feel free to discuss decisions and voice concerns, we may change our minds, however continued arguing after we close a topic is not constructive.
    • Reporting plugins/posts/threads. Use the report buttons. Or contact a mod/admin.
    • Feedback on the Bukkit project/Craftbukkit etc. This is for the forums.
    • Personal Attacks.
    For a guideline on what's considered an attack:
    1-3 are not attacks. 4 is ok but not overly useful. 5,6 and 7 are attacks and will get you warned or timed out from the forums.

    There are several thread prefixes available please pick one based on your topic. When a thread is marked as "Answered" it is locked and considered closed.

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