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Discussion in 'Resources' started by PogoStick29, Mar 31, 2014.

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    My name is PogoStick29Dev. I know a lot of you watch my videos, but I want to make sure this particular video is seen by as many developers as possible. Bukkit posted an announcement regarding the switch from usernames to UUIDs here. I have made a video summarizing and explaining the announcement as well as providing an example. Make sure to update your plugins and use the video if you need to!

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    Dat intro.
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    Dat video.
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    Im so angry at mojang for creating a UUID version of 'names', maybe it is the only efficient way to do it to support name changing but they screwed up a hell of a lot of plugins.
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    I feel bad for the permissions plugins..
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    How else would servers track players that have the ability to change their names? There has to be some kind of unique identifier in order for accounts to be found. It makes perfect sense as to why they're shifting over to the new system.
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    this "issue" about nothing

    1) When player joined your server first time, you store his name and UUID.
    2) When player joined your server second time, you FORCE his name ignoring name he given to you based of his UUID.

    namechanging disabled for your server from this moment, any player will have name he used when connected for first time.

    you dont need to waste time on updating anything or creation of UUID databases to store permissions or other stuff, you still able to allocate.

    also UUID is joke, all players do have integer or long based ID inside mojang database.
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    I would rather actually support the name changes than spend time creating something to disable a feature plenty of people want. Also, I would think a long would be massive overkill.
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    For me the most frustrating part is the fact I like to manually edit permission files instead of using in game commands, this will destroy my life if I have to find a player by their UUID....

    Thanks for this Pogo, really helpful!
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    many people will want to disable this feature, based off implementation on mojang side and inside vanilla server-client.

    also mojang possibly will allow to disable this as config option, personally i see no reason to allow anyone to change nicknames at will without limits.

    just imagine this forum with ability to change nicknames at will without any limits.
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    Of course there's going to be limits. I highly doubt they're going to allow players to change their names as often as they want. There will probably be some form of a time limit between name changes so things don't get out of hand.

    There's no point in wasting time to try 'disabling' the feature. It's not even difficult to support the change.
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    and how you going to manage permissions database by hand with UUIDs around?

    how ou going to verify is player X actually player X without memorizing your friends (and possibly coadmins on server) by UUID.

    how you going to use realms - sending invite to UUID?

    system have major flaw - human factor, it's relatively easy to memorize and process 16 chars long name, but UUID is no human managable.

    game already have "display name" feature for chat, single line change and it will work for entity in world, everyone happy with ability to change name at will, but original name always here.
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    I personally already have a system set up that logs the appropriate usernames and creates a UI with them (and the handy 1.7 chat clicking) that makes it relatively simple to do. I imagine others will do similar things with permissions plugins. It's a big change, people are going to have to think outside the box to come up with solutions for UIs when names are arbitrary.
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    Could someone explain this via text aswell?
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    Sorry for the bump but

    My method for the UUID swaping

    HashMap<String, UUID> uuids = new HashMap<>();
    for(Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayer()) {
    uuids.put(p.getName(), p.getUniqueId());

    Player target = p.getServer().getPlayer(uuids.get(args[0]));
    also removes the stirkethrough for the getPlayer() (because it is deprecated)
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