GUIDE: Setting up and Monitoring a Linux MineCraft Server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lDucks, Jan 10, 2013.

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    lDucks , that would be super!
    I have been struggling with RAMdisk on linux forever now... idk if its me, or if it is the new Mint 15.
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    lDucks I sometimes would like to have about 9000 players in my BungeeCord network AND have a website. Though probably it would be seperate.
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    you do not need that much RAM, in fact I don't know of a motherboard that can handle that much RAM. You probably only need about 64GB for what you're asking about

    I need to just try it out on my server since I forgot a lot about RAMdisk. I'll put it up within about a week or so

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    Go to DELL servers. They offer even 2TB RAM. You said 10~-20~ players for 1GB of ram, 64GB = 640Players
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    There is no reason, at all, to get a server with 2TB RAM to run Minecraft. Period.
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    Maybe 15000~ players.
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    There are many other factors that contribute to how many players you can have, not just RAM. Just do a bungee cord across multiple servers.
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    Meh, It's harder for that THOUGH effective.
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    Can you do a section on how to set up multiple servers on one machine using different subdomain IP addresses? I'm not to sure on how to set that up in my DNS or my dedi. lDucks
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    Hello! I am waiting excited for the RAM disk tutorial do you have an eta? :)
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    Nice tutorial, everything was working fine for me, but when ive tried to start to server it gives me this

    Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx2048M-jar
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
    Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
    And my vps is 4GB of ram
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    I've updated my guide with some new information.

    Try setting it to:

    java  -server -Xms1536M -Xmx2G -jar craftbukkit.jar
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    By now, you probably already know or don't care but for others wanting the same information, you might be interested to know that a RAMdisk is not all the particularly helpful since Minecraft 1.2.5. There was a time when the disk trashed about and it had a hard time keeping up with writes to the hard drive but that issue has been addressed in Minecraft itself.
    I used to run a RAMdisk for my 1.2.5 server (still have a tutorial posted with Linux scripts to manage the ramdisk) but I have not needed a RAMdisk since that version.
    @IDucks, nice thread. Thanks for sharing. I'm currently working on my own updated How-To thread for 1.7.
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    There is a website that is designed to help figure out how many people you can host on a Minecraft server:

    I plugged in the following information:
    Upload speed: 700 Mbit
    Download speed: 600 Mbit
    RAM: 1048576 MB (1TB)

    It came back with a limit of 2121 concurrent users. Playing with the RAM number, 256GB of RAM or more has the same limit. Bumping Upload and Download to 1024Mbit each with 256GB RAM allowed 3072 users, and 512GB RAM allowed 3103 users.

    Even if you can go 50% over the number provided, you are not going to get a single server able to handle 9,000 simultaneous users unless you are able to get a 10Gbit dedicated line. Once you are into the dedicated Gbit internet ranges, you are looking at exceptionally large monthly costs and likely already know the information above already.

    Now, if you are only expecting to have a total of 9,000 users, of which a few hundred at a time will be online - a far more realistic scenario - you can drop to a more realistic server.
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    lDucks First of all, I really appreciate this guide, it provides a lot of information that can be sometimes hard to come by. However, I am curious to ask how you would properly handle running multiple Minecraft servers on one dedicated machine under CentOS. In my case, I have two separate servers that are modpacks, so BungeeCord isn't an option for me nor is it really something I am looking for. I have a separate directory for each server in /home and each server has a different IP and port defined in the One server runs off port 25565 while the other is 25566.

    The problem I have encountered is that sometimes on an automated reboot that I have set with a plugin (I would prefer a script), the server returns, players can join, but the console displays a "Bind to port" error. This is a huge problem for me, and I would love to hear your insight. Do I need to properly configure some IP settings, my AutoRestart plugin, or could it possibly be my I would love to hear your insight.

    This is a problem I've been having for month's now, and it's hard to maintain a solid community with these happenings. If you happen to read this, please note that it will be highly appreciated.

    Edit: I use RemoteTookKit now which seems to work great thus far.
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