[Guide] How To Set Up A Bukkit Server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LandonTheGeek, May 18, 2013.

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    Ever dreamed of creating a public Bukkit server for the public to play on, with as many plugins, slots, and settings as you would like?
    Well that's what I'm here for! To show you how to run your very own Bukkit server!​
    What do I need?
    • The internet and a computer (of course :D)
    • A decent RAM. What do I mean by this? Something that will let you run your Bukkit server and play your own server at the same time. I will explain that a bit later.
    • The CraftBukkit platform
    • Having the ability to run a start file.
    How to start off?

    • First create a folder on your desktop called e.g. Bukkit
    • Get the latest Recommended Build (or go to dl.bukkit.org, click Alternate Versions, CraftBukkit, then get a BETA or DEV build) and place it in that folder. It should be named "craftbukkit(numbers).jar". Make sure you remame the file to craftbukkit.jar!
    • Here's what I always do. Make a new text document, and then, once you are in the .txt file, click "save as". Edit the "Save as type" and click on "All Types" and then edit the "File name" and name it start.bat.
    • Once you have the two files, right click on start.bat, and click "Edit".
    • Once you are in the start.bat, copy and paste this assuming you run Windows
    Code (Text):
    1. java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true
    2. [CENTER] [/CENTER]
    3. PAUSE
    • Save it.
    • Double-click the start.bat, and you are away! Don't be worried when the black screen comes up. This is your Console or Control Panel. It is now generating the following files:
    GeneratingFiles (open)

    * plugins
    * world
    * world_nether
    * world_the_end
    * banned-ips
    * banned-players
    * bukkit
    * help
    * ops
    * permissions
    * server.txt
    * server.properties
    * white-list

    • Once the Console says "done" you may now type "stop", and click anywhere to close out.
    I have now taught you the basics on how to set-up a Bukkit server.
    (I will edit this soon for a plugin and config set-up!)
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    If you want to do this for 1.5.2 you have to go to dl.bukkit.org and click "Alternate Versions". Use the latest dev or beta build that is labeled with 1.5.2
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    Also, once you have the craftbukkit.jar downloaded it will have numbers and letters in the name such as craftbukkit-1.5.1-R0.1-20130321.193415-7.jar Change this to just straight up craftbukkit.jar. The reason for this is that in the start.bat code you have it opening craftbukkit.jar but it cant find it.
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  5. Why do you need double wiki information? You may at least explain what the heck is in bat file:
    java -Xms1024M(minimum ram) -Xmx1024M(maximum ram) -jar craftbukkit.jar(path to bukkit executable file)
    "-o true" argument is messing up everyone - this flag overrides server.properties online-mode flag setting it to true. That argument actually useless and should be removed from startup script
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    Did you really have to post that? Some people don't look at wikis, and I this is all going into my signature for guides. Please do not say things like that.
  7. their problems
  8. While it's good you're making a guide, but this thread will probably end up halfway down the second page within a few days.
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    Yeah... It's just all part of my signature. No biggie
  10. Ahhh I see, awesome!
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    When I try to run the bat file it says "this app cant run on your pc" What do I do?
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  13. Bananaman762
    Really? 3 month bump.
    Is this really the correct section? People seek help here, not give help. Maybe move to Bukkit Discussion?
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    I am getting an error that says: "no main manifest attribute." WTF. I know a lot about computers but I have no f******* clue what this means. Please help! Thnx.
  15. This thread is a year old, you won't find much help staying here.

    The answer for your problem is here: /threads/answer-no-main-manifest-attribute-in-craftbukkit-jar.316989/
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