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    hey guys so i have learned guis from

    and i have used it for along time but i cant figure out how to do so it kinda rolles and then stops random so lets say i click in here red and then it goses to here and it will automatic move like a slot machine and land random and if it hits 3 in a row that are the same then it will give u a reward

    Anyone got any idea ?
    i cant figure it out in my head
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    If you can't figure it out in your head, drawing or test code can help you.
    I don't really know what you're though so i can't help.
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    Ok I know what you are talking about you want to make a slot machine like the plugin Slot Machine that use ItemsFrames has the Item Holder and if they line up then that player gets a random item configed in the Config.yml or what ever .yml you are using for the Reward Slots, This would be some what confusion but I would show you the code if I only had time. I could make this plugin if you like me to? But I don't know how long that it would take me but I can say I can have it done by this week because i am working on my own plugin!
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