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    Bukkit Plugin Generator
    I would really appreciate it if people gave me feedback and Ideas for the project!

    Daawsomest's Bukkit Plugin Generator will allow anyone to create their own Bukkit Plugin! My Bukkit Plugin Generator is aimed at Bukkit server owners who have not experience programming but still want to create their own plugin.

    In the post I would like to share with you my Bukkit Plugin Generator. As of now, it is in early stages of development and is nowhere near completion, but I have wrote a lot of the underlying code that puts everything together.

    When my Bukkit Plugin Generator is opened users will be able to set all the features of they want their plugin to contain and my generator will automatically write the plugin, compile it and the output the jar file which can be copied straight into the plugins folder of a Bukkit server.

    What are the end goals for the Bukkit Plugin Generator?
    I have many features planned for my Bukkit Plugin Generator. Some of the most useful ideas include:
    • Users can create an infinite amount of commands that can trigger many things such as send messages, modify player inventories, teleport player
    • Create items with custom name, lore, and effects.
    • Event listeners which will listen for players joining the server, players interacting with a block, sign interactions, death events. An example would be if a player clicked a sign containing "[PokingStick]" it would give the player an enchanted stick named Poker Stick.
    What can the Bukkit Plugin Generator currently do?
    Like I said above, it is still in the really early stages of development. v0.3 allows users to select and event they want, which will trigger the selected action. Users can add an infinite amount of events.

    Current Events: OnCommand, OnJoin
    Current Actions: Message, Broadcast, Teleport, Give item.
    *More events and actions will be added shortly.

    The gui still needs a lot of work and the generator lacks features, but in a short time it will be developed further and it will amaze everyone!

    In order for the plugin to be compiled you must have the Java Development kit (JKK) installed. As my Bukkit Plugin Generator is aimed at users who don't know how to program, it is unlikely they will have this installed. In version 0.4 the Bukkit Plugin Generator will no longer require users to have the JDK installed!

    As I have stated many times, this is the first release and will have many bugs. Only download the generator if you have the JDK installed, otherwise it won't work.
    If you do try my generator, please let me know if you find any bugs.
    You can download the latest version here: http://daawsomest.com/#programs

    Are you a Java Developer and want to help with this project? Send me a message or leave a reply below!

    The sourecode for this project can be found at https://github.com/daawsomest/BukkitPluginGenerator

    Thanks to jhort for help with developing Daawsomest's Plugin Generator

    Future Updates (To-Do)
    • 0.4 - Add solution for the JDK requirement
    • 0.5 - More events and actions
    • 0.6 - More customization options
    Change Log:

    0.3 -
    ability to make an infinite amount of events
    updated Gui

    v0.2 -
    new gui look
    added Server Join event listener
    added Message Server action
    added Teleport action
    added Give Item action

    v0.1 -
    inital release!
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    nice idea.
    but i am not gonna check it out because i need that java kit.
    i dont want to install extra shit just to try a app

    mabe you can make it without the need of that kit? or include files needed by your app.

    anyways keep up the good work
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I don't really expect people to download it at the current stage the project is in, I just posted a download link for those who already have the JDK.

    Ideally I wan't it so users don't have to install the JDK at all, but that may not be possible. If it isn't possible I will include a button which will automatically install the JDK and configure it.
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    I think this is very interesting and I can see great potential for it if you continue to put in the effort. I will be interested to see how far you take this. I'll be watching your progress.
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    UPDATE: v0.3 released and demonstration video added.
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