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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jonspeeth, Mar 7, 2021.

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    /shop would open up the shop with all the categories (would have a config file to configure categories), clicking on a category would bring up the items, if you wanted to you could click a button on the bottom to move to the next page. if you click on an item it brings up a buy menu for that item. on the menu you have 4 options: buy one, buy a stack, buy an inventory or buy a custom amount. when you select buy a custom amount it takes you to the chat and buys how ever many you specify in the chat (1-1024). if you buy an inventory it would replace all the empty spots in your inventory with stacks of the item, only charging you for what you buy (wouldnt charge a whole inventory if it only buys half of your inventory) other features that this plugin would have is buying something in the shop would execute a command however many times you buy it (like buying spawners with a plugin). and preferably this would come with sell commands as well

    /shop (opens shop menu)
    /sellhand (sells the item in your hand)
    /sellhand all (sells the item in your hand but also sells any of it in your inventory. like if your inventory has 3 stacks of cobblestone in it, and you are holding cobblestone in your hand, executing this command while holding the cobblestone will sell all of those stacks)
    /adminshop *NOT NECESSARY* (Would open up the shop but wouldnt charge anything for buying stuff)

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