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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by AB 987, Sep 8, 2019.

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    AB 987

    I have an idea for a plugin.
    Where I can type /setrank (username) and a GUI pops up, and I select the rank I want to give them. I will include a video of my permissions specifically, but you do not have to follow those. If you just make it sync with LuckPerms (which I use for permissions), that would be equally as great.
    Use these materials for ranks
    Owner = Black Wool
    Manager = Gray Wool
    Admin = Red Wool
    Sr. Mod = Cyan Wool
    Moderator = Purple Wool
    Trainee = Yellow Wool

    That is the video with my permissions
    (Again, you can just also make it Sync with LuckPerms.)
    I also want a way to remove ranks, where I type /sets (username) and I can remove ranks they have been given. For reasons (which appears after selecting the rank I want to give them), use paper, and the reasons are : Buycraft Issues, Promotion/Demotion, and Random.
    Something that will work like this:
    If someone could make this, I would be very happy.
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