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    Everybody can edit permissions!

    The Permissions GUI is a graphical user interface. You can configure the permissions of you server with just some buttons! You will never get errors of wrong configuration files! You can add your own permissions or your own permission plugin. An Auto Updater is include to improve the project!

    First screenshots:

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    Supported permission plugins:
    * PermissionsEx
    * GroupManager
    * bPermissions
    * PermissionsBukkit

    Supported permissions:


    NOTE: This is a beta build, there are a lot of issues and bugs! Please report them here.
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Disabling the updater and the download of the database
    To disable these features, you only have to add in the "config.yml":
    enable_updater: false
    enable_database_download: false
    If the "config.yml" doesn't exists, create a new file.

    Finished features:
    * Auto Updater
    * Add, edit, delete groups
    * Add, edit, delete permissions
    * Options Screen
    * Custom permission plugins
    * Localization

    * FTP & MySQL
    * Code improvements
    * Open source
    * Drag 'n' Drop system
    * More supported plugins
    * API which helps plugin authors to register their permissions

    Known Issues:

    Important information:

    We search:
    * "Plugin Information Collector": Collecting informations like permissions of plugins
    * Translators

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    This is actually a really nice project wich will be really helpfull for the beginning server creators.
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    You should have made it in java D:

    Still awesome though! nice work
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    Thank you :)
    It's written in Java, I will publish the source code soon.
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    Great GUI but needs more supported plugins but still great for getting the ball rolling. Thanks!
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    Thank you. I will add some new plugins soon, but I haven't so much time.

    I am working on an API. With this API, plugin authors can register their permissions and commands.
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    Can't you support all plugins out of the box? I saw another editor that does this by parsing the information out of the jar file directly.. the plugins register their permission nodes using a yml file inside the jar... they even include descriptions in the ones I've seen.

    Doing it the way you are has potential problems... like what if a node is renamed? or removed? .. more are added?

    Also this would require the developers to do more work to register their nodes not only in the plugin directly but also need to use your API to register them with you =) the problem is some developers just may not want to do that..

    I think the best idea really would be to parse it from the jar file.. just my thought.. Basically it would entail extracting the "plugin.yml" file from the jar and then parsing out the commands block..

    Which looks like this ( From the essentials plugin's plugin.yml file )

        description: Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
        usage: /<command> [player]
        aliases: [eafk,away,eaway]
        description: 'A little surprise for operators.'
        usage: /<command> [message]
        aliases: [eantioch,grenade,egrenade,tnt,etnt]
        description: Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.
        usage: /<command>
        aliases: [eback,return,ereturn]
        description: Runs the backup if configured.
        usage: /<command>
        aliases: [ebackup]
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    If you bring out an API I would use it. Good work!
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