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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dark_Snake_X, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Gui menu

    Minecraft version: 1.10

    Suggested name: Guimenucustom

    What I want: A plugin that can do this: /command username and it appears a customizable menu, that interact with the player that you write. And menu, you can configure it in the config.
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    1. Should the command really be named /command?
    2. What is your idea of interacting with a player? Kick/ban/kill him through clicking items in the menu? Or modify his inventory?
    3. How should the menu get customized? Should items simply get dragged n dropped to the menu or changed in the config?
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    So you want a GUI that pops up in a player's inventory when they run '/guimcustom <username>' or '/gmcustom <username>' And when they edit the menu, it saves, then you have all the gui's content in the configuration file?

    EDIT: I mean't to send this message yesterday, but I forgot to hit send!

    Another Idea I had was to have the plugin like this:
    - /gui create <GUIID> <SLOTS> <NAME>
    - /gui edit <GUIID> <username>
    - /gui remove <GUIID>
    - /gui open [username]
    - /gui list

    So, you do /gui create MyGUI 9 &4&lMyMenu
    If you want to edit and put stuff in//take out, you'd do/gui edit MyGUI, if you want someone else to edit it you do /gui edit MyGUI <username>. If you'd like to get rid of the GUI just do /gui remove MyGUI. If you'd like to see all the GUI's just do /gui list. If you'd like someone to see a gui do /gui open <username>, or if you'd like to see it just do /gui open.

    I'd do this plugin just tell me if this is what you want, and if not, comment what you'd like changed.
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    Yeah, something like that will be awesome. For example: /gui namegui player, and appears the menu that do you create. Like the plugin createyourownmenus, but with that option that the menu that appears in your minecraft, interacts with the player of the command. Sorry if my english is not perfect.
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    Ok, but then what's the point? Just to open a blank GUI? There isn't a way to open it back up again or anything?
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    1. Its not necessary to call it with that name. 2. Kick/ban/kill/etc him trough clicking items in the menu 3. Change the menu in the config or something. Its just a idea of a plugin.

    Its only a idea of plugin, so you can take it and do it or not do it. So thats all of my idea.

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