[GUI] Bukkit Unigin - An easy way to make plugins

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  1. Bukkit Unigin
    The easy way to make plugins
    Bukkit unigin is a windows application that lets you make plugins without any programming knowledge. Its a GUI-based application and will make making plugins very easy. For the moment there are no downloads, but I will upload an Alpha as soon as possible. For the meanwhile you can check out the website and if you have any ideas on features, please write them in the comments.

    Website - http://unigin.github.io/

    Here is a screenshot of my first design:

    I'm working on it, so stay tuned. But I don't have so much free time for the moment, so it may take a while before next update. Anyway, I'm going to try to make an alpha version that I can upload for testing and if you have some tips/idea/anything that has to do with this application, write a comment and I will check if its possible.

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    How do you plan on allowing users to create plugins via a GUI? Source, screenshots?
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    Is there any screenshots or anything, or have you just started working on this?
  4. Just started working on it, :)

    I will probably start uploading screenshots soon.

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