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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by vYN, Apr 25, 2014.

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    BumisGUI - It's for Windows

    Hi, I have been coding a GUI for bukkit for a while now. But it's getting closer and closer to being done(or testing for you guys). There is not much information that I'm gone give now. But here is some features:

    • Auto Backup(FTP or just plain copy paste)
    • Automatic updates(For all builds - And the GUI itself of course)
    • Will support a website control panel(For controlling the GUI from a website)
    • Multiple servers
    • Kick, ban and all that
    • Timed Messages(Just like a plugin automatically broadcasts messages)
    • Scheduled restarts
    • And much more will come
    Here's a screen shot of the GUI(This is not finalized - This is expected to change a lot.. Maybe) Updated 28.04 21:46

    Some more screen shots:
    Show Spoiler

    #Build - Build selection. It will light up with mouse hover.​
    #Memory - Memory selection with a slider. Or optional a textbox​
    #Schedule - Schedule is soon up and working.​
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    This is pretty interesting. When will it be available for testing?
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    ZanderMan9 It will be ready soon. Just have a few things to fix first :)
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    Design is very cool :)
    I like this project, because is very good quality design. I'm waiting for download link ;D.
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    Screenshot of the schedule screen. It's soon functional :D
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    A few more days.. And I might have a early test version for you guys :)
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    This looks awesome :D, if the multiple server feature works, 100% using this!
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    There's already software called BukkitGUI that looks surprisingly similar to this one .. is yours a fork of that existing project? it has most of the same features.. including managing players, installing/removing plugins, task management ( event scheduling ) .. backups .. etc


    Yours does seem to have more features but it's laid out almost the same.. so for anyone waiting =) check out the other "BukkitGUI" .. I've been using it for weeks now.. it will hold you over until this one is done.. hopefully this one works out because I'll definitely make the switch if it gets a release soon
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