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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Bertware, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Ok :D, wait, hmm trying it now and the problem still persists, any eta on fix?
  2. they said it should be fixed, but it isn't, so I'm still working on it. However, I cannot access those DDOS settings myself, so I have to wait until they do it for me.
    I don't have an ETA, but I hope to fix it as soon as possible...
  3. I have no idea what u are saying :p, but I assume its about your website!
  4. my server, to be technically correct ;)
    I don't own the complete server, only a part on it.
    My provider runs some DDOS protection software on the server / the network.
    That software adds some html code to each page.
    That HTLM code corrupts the reply's

    I've contacted my hoster (again)
    They will send it again to the technicians, and give it some priority.
    Hope they solve it soon.
    In meanwhile, I'm setting up a backup server.
    That server might be able to redirect some of the traffic.

    Royalgamer06 S.L.P.Major :
    Are you still experiencing problems?

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  5. problems? With your GUI not, never had (some bugs though).
  6. I thought you too were having problems (due to the problems on my webserver)
    Can you just try this:
    -Start the GUI
    -Check if your external IP is shown
    -Check if the latest available version is shown.

    You'd help me a lot by doing so, as I can't test if the server is working 100% correctly (since I also access the files and server with other versions, other user agents, ...)

    and about the bugs:
    I'm working on the final version, which should fix them all :)
    ETA: July 1th
    As usual, you'll get this update by the built-in auto updater :)
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  7. All problems with crashes etc. due to the problems on my server should be fixed, I released preview version as a bugfix.
    Latest version:

  8. Happy 100 posts:)
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  9. v1.0 is released! *hurray*
    about the new version number:
    v1.0.0 is the version. 109 is the build (this number matches the SVN commitment)
    more information on bukkitdev

    v1.0.0.116 fixes several issues. Everything should be stable now. :)
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  10. v1.0.0.124 Fixes again several issues, and extends the functionality.
    The task manager has more triggers, more options for server start are available, errors can be hidded from the server output and more.
    The complete changelog can be found here
  11. v1.0.0.125

    • Fixed several bugs
    • Added support for multiple commands in one task
    • Added support for multiple current time triggers in one task
    • Added bukkit version detection and auto-update
    • Added download speed counter
  12. Update, v1.0.0.126:
    • Added gamemode option
    • Fixed player name bug in 1.3.1
    • Added/Changed icons
    • Improved stability
    • Added detection for vannila server when type is set to bukkit
    • Added option to view current bukkit #
    • Increased player avatar size
    • Fixed stacktrace detection
    • Fixed resizing issue in error tab
    • Release date is shown in update dialog
    • Added confirmation when closing the GUI and server still running
    • minor bugfixes and improvements
    Right now these languages are available:
    • English
    • Dutch
    • Turkish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • German
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    This program is just awsome!

    but i have a question: why we cant directly input the command to the server?
    sometimes its necessary!

    BTW i m from taiwan so my english is not so good please forgive me
  14. How do you mean? Any command you enter in the input textbox, and send by pressing enter or clicking "send" will be sent to the server. Whatever you type in there, it will be sent to the server.

    v1.0.0.127 fixes issues with 1.3 servers, including a fix for the player lists.
    Several other fixes are also included, See the changelog at bukkitDev
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    pride829 bukkit GUI has no input textbox. so strange
  16. This is a known bug on Windows 7 chinese.
    There's nothing I can do about that....
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    OK i see
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    when you run the gui if the update check starts its seems to get stuck at 70 percent and goes no further
  19. It's working for me. Make sure you have the latest version (v1.0.0.127) and have some patience. If it can't get information from the internet within 10 seconds, it'll continue to run.
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    defin have the latest build it goes no where i have to kill the task and restart it after unticking the option it starts fine and also i was looking at the taskmanager tab tried clicking add and it froze i waite liek 5 mins btw before i ended it
  21. The task manager should work fine for adding/editing/removing tasks.
    You could try to remove tasks.xml from %appdata%\Bertware\BukkitGUI\Config
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    i have checked the windows taskmanager and it seems to be going for 93 -100 percent of the cpu usage on startup
  23. That's really strange.
    It's working fine for me....
    What CPU do you have, and what OS are you running?
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    quad core phenom and windows 7 after looking into the issue further i believe its a conflict between kaspersky and the gui, i have now installed mcafee instead and it seems to start up fine
  25. v1.0.0.130 (with more fixes in .131 and .132) fixes a lot of bugs and glitches, including some CPU and crash issues
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    it seems to show players online after they have left
  27. We're again a few versions further.

    • Improved plugin manager backend
    • New dialog to update plugins - Better update process for multiple plugins.
    • Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

    Previous updates (v1.1.0.133 - v1.1.0.136)
    • Fixed player lists
    • Plugin manager updated to v2.0
    • Improved error solver to detect more errors / find the plugins responsible for errors.
    • Fixed lots bugs
    • Lots of stability improvements
    • Small improvements
    I hope you all like the improvements and new stuff!
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    great work plugins tab worked with out anything locking up at all
  29. Finally! No more large bugs!
    Right now, there are only minor bugs, mostly caused by the environment of one specific user. As there are no large bugs now, I'm trying to fix as much small bugs and glitches as possible.
    I'll also look into the mono stuff.
    If you found a bug, how small it might be, please let me know!
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  30. What I can say BertWare, this program is handy for me, like creating a server in a minute, download bukkit, then poof start.
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