Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Joshua Neicho, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Joshua Neicho

    i would like to know How i could check if someone was a guest and if so they receive a message every 3 minutes
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    You need to be more specific, what do you deem a "guest". How are you currently keeping track of who isn't a "guest". Etc.

    If you're a little more specific this would probably be very easy to implement.
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    Joshua Neicho

    well i use prefixer im wondering if i could find out if the personm have guest in their title and if so send them a message every 3 minutes
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    I took a quick look to prefixer src,
    The way you could do this is by getting the properties file that prefixer uses to store players prefixes and with a bukkitschedule, every 3 minutes check for guests and send them a msg.
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    Joshua Neicho

    im also using groupusers for their default guest title
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