Guest user lock till command is typed.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Nipper, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a plugin that stops the user from moving/building till they type a command in. This command would say be in rules or a website.

    User first joins. They are unable to move/build much like what the freeze plugins do. Every time they move or try and build it sends them a message to say type /rules or go to a webpage. On this /rules or webpage at the bottom it tell them to type like /letmebuild to allow them to move or build.

    Reason behind this is, I have newbies that come to my server and ask the same questions every time. Even if its on a sign they still ask it. I want to give newbies the details and run down of how my server works.

    So if any dev be so kind I would love to get this made. I know others would as well.

    Oh, It also has to log users that have typed the command this way they wont have to do it every time they join. or make a permissions to ignore a group, So I can have all guest group users have to type it each time.

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    A similar plugin already released is xAuth. You can use this as an alternative until someone makes one for you.
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    @EdTheLoon That's not what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for a auth type plugin. Just like a rule accept type. But to have them read a site and get the command to allow them to play kind of thing.
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    That's why I said you can use it as an alternative until someone makes you the plugin you've requested :) You don't have to of course.

    Edit: I logged onto a server recently that had a password hidden in the new user signs and at the end you had to type /bcunlock <password> to continue. That plugin is here. It doesn't seem to have been updated to build 1060 but when I logged onto the server running build 1000 it was working fine so you might want to try it. It's not 100% what you're looking for I know but again, just an alternative until you have a complete solution
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    @EdTheLoon It doesnt have the thing I'm asking for. All I see is about login details but thats not what I want.
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    It has part of what you want (stop movement, chat etc) hence why I suggested it. I edited my post just a moment before you posted your reply. Check it out, again just a suggestion.
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    I guess I'll make this when I have some free time.
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    @EdTheLoon Thats kind of what I am looking for. But I would have to stop movement/building and then make sure it would message them if they tried and move/build on what to do.
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  10. Though it probably won't help, they will just type the command to be able to move without reading what's in it.
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    A bad idea. I wrote something similar (mostly based on xAuth source) for my server, and got no results. An admin quick react team is always better then these half-measures.
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    Yeah, I don't want a xauth type plugin I just want them to be unable to move/build till they type the command. The command would be in some type of website or /rule type doc file. I want them able to chat this way they can ask if they really need to know and to stupid to read the message this is displayed each time they try and move.

    NuclearW Did what I asked. That is what I want.

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