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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by little_dude187, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Hey Guys I Need A Plugin That Has A Wanted Level Like The Server GTAMC I Would Also Like To Make It So Its Also On The Scoreboard Using Scoreboard Stats

    Do What You Want To It


    /Wanted Show Show Whos Wanted

    /Wanted Cop Become A Cop

    /Wanted Stats Shows Your Stats

    Also I Would Like A Sign To Make You Clear Your Wanted Level:

    Line 1 [Wanted]
    Line 2 Clear
    Line 3 Price ex: $100 Or Look Below:
    Or Make It In The Config If Your A Certain Wanted Level It Automaticly Adjusts The Price That Would Be Cool! :D

    And I Want Cops To Appear When Someone Kills Someone After 3 Minutes Cops Disappear

    Cops Are Zombie Pigman With Stone Swords Diamond Helmet Everything Else Iron

    And Cops Are Faster Than You When Your Walking

    And Thats Pretty Much It

    Thanks! :D
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    More info? I feel like I will take this up but at the moment it seems like it's not explained very well

    Edit: also how is this triggered? When a player kills someone? And how many is needed? (Kills).
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    you can make it so you can config when the cops come after how many kills, the higher your wanted level the more OP the cops are and more and more cops spawn. when you die your killstreak is cleared and 90% of the time your wanted level is removed
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    Took a lot of effort to make every word start with capital letter ? xD
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    i type fast so no :p
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    bump still want this made :D


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    Please do not bump within 24 hours!
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    I might take this of you supply the following info:
    -What are cops? NPCs? You don't describe them well
    -How does a wanted level go up?
    -What version of MC?
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    - Cops can either be players if they buy a /cop mode or they can be fast zombie pigman with configurable armor and sword settings
    - you can either find a craftbukkit version or pm me for spigot
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    bump need this fast

    heres more info about the plugin

    ok so what i want if so if you know about the server you would know if u kill someone cops spawn.

    The cops can either be NPCS (Zombie pigman with configurable armor and weapons and enchantments on stuff)

    Or /cop which makes you a cop and you can track down people and kill them.

    you can use any APIs you want for this to work

    Cop mode (/cop) will be configurable on armor based and what you have

    also make it so you can make the kit in game because i will be using crackshot which is a gun plugin (look it up)

    The wanted level consists on how many kills you get. Every 1 kill you get 1 wanted level (configurable)

    also a rare chance of getting more than 1 wanted level (configurable)

    There also will be a wanted sign so you can clear it for cash (iConomy Etc.)



    Clear wanted: /wanted clear

    basic command /wanted

    cop mode /cop

    Hope this helps! :D

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    Dude you wont get this very fast and its quite a complex plugin your asking for. but goodluck getting seems a nice idea.
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    thank you i hope i do get this plugin it would be great :)
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    bump i really really need this soon!
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    bump still want this
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    anyone gonna make this or not??? bump
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    BUMP i really want this and no one is helping ;-;
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    yea no one is making it, no one said they were and its been a very LONG time


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    uhhh a few years, yea i kinda need it SOON
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    Bukkit is kinda dead, soo... Don't get your hopes up.
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    ik, i understand that. But i wont give up yet, but hopefully someone will make it
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    I would try, but I dont have a API so I cant try, sry
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    Indeed there is no API available for Download...

    (If you are ignoring Spigot, Rainbow, etc.)
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    I already tryed but the program wont load the API correctly so there are missing things
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