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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by nikosdial, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. Plugin category: Admin Tools (I think)

    Suggested name: Rank Promote

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin that allows players to promote when the right click on a certain sign. I want it to be compatible with MCmmo and Vault, so when they reach a certain level in MCmmo and have the right amount of money they will be able to click on the sign and be promoted. But the ranks are categorized.

    For example: They start with citizen rank and then they have the ability to promote to three diferent ranks (Knight, Wizard, Archer) but only when they reach the certain MCmmo level and have the money.

    But the problem is that if one is a citizen he cant choose the class he wants, so I am asking if it is possible for a plugin to be made or anyone can make a suggestion.

    Something like that: View attachment 22953
  2. @nikosdial
    "so when they reach a certain level in MCmmo"
    Players don't level up, but their skills do. I have this basically done already, just missing this part. Could you elaborate?
  3. what i meant was that when they reach a certain power level they will be able to use the sign(with the certain amount of money)

    I do not now if you understand what I'm trying to say, but if you do, please reply.
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  4. Please somebody answer me!! I have looked everywhere but I have not found what I'm looking for. If you know a plugin that is similar to this or can make it, please inform me.
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    I Dont thing that it is possible to do it with mcmmo.Anyway you can use Server signs it is pretty good.
    You can setup your sign exactly how you want it and what you do is set the command for example
    After you make the signs you tyoe the following
    - svs add <server>manuadd <player>knight
    - svs setprice 10000
    You have to right click the sign every time you do a command
    And if you want you can set up a message with
    - svs add <msg>your message
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @alexlab963 mcmmo has an API though, so it is possible.
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    @timtower I didnt know that , i have never used mcmmo...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  9. Thank you both for answering!! But can any of you explain to me what API is?
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    An API is something we developers can hook into.
    Like easy ways to access stuff.
    The API pretty much allows us to control and manage everything the author allows us to control and modify.
    Without an API you would pretty much be unable to create any Plugins which are based on that Plugin.
    All in all, APIs allow the creation of Addons.
  11. Thank you very much !!

    And can someone explain to me how to combine Mcmmo API with server signs? If you know how to.. I would be very greatfull if you explain it to me!

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    You cant. As I said APIs are for developers. You need someone to make a Plugin for that.
  13. :confused: Ok then, I guess I have to look for a developer then.
  14. Anybody interested here??
  15. Thanks a lot for the plugin!! But the Source won't open.. is it possible to send another link or something??
  16. @Assist It is a private project.
  17. @Assist
    Thanks again ! But there seems to be another problem. I cant give the permission to the players to rank up. Are the permissions different from the original plugin? Please reply
  18. @nikosdial
    I don't recall you ever asking for any permissions to be added.
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  19. @Assist
    Oh.. my bad then... Is there anyway for the players to use the sign without them? or the permissions must be added?
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