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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by plarsootje, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Hello,
    I need some help "again" :(
    the thing i need is

    i have a plugin that sets a prefix in front of you name like example [RED]
    but how can i make that in the chat with groupmanager in the server i can get

    [RED] [Groupprefix] <PlayerName> message

    ?? can someone help me with that
  2. their is no need what so ever to interlink with group manager
  3. how can i do that then?
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    For Example, here is an Admin one....
        default: false
        - '*'
        - backpack.size.54
        - moderator
        - g:essentials_admin
        - g:bukkit_admin
        - g:towny_admin
          prefix: '&cAdmin&7 '
          build: true
          suffix: ''
    Now this will look like....

    <Admin iPadHD> Hello!

    PS: Also the ' < ' Will be white.
    PS: Hello is going to stay White.
  5. why cant u just use the groupmanager command to do this?
  6. Yeah but i wan't the prefix from my plugin in the name to
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    What plugin do you have?
  8. in which you can do in group manager....
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    You can, (I think you meant to say Can't)
  10. @mastermustard

    i have a plugin that puts peoples in groups for a minigame
    j have set prefixes for the groups like if the player is in the red team the prefix in front of his name says [RED]
    but with the plugin "groupmanager" installed i can't see my prefixes because the prefixes of the groupmanager deletes my prefixes

    i want to have in this example that i have

    [TeamPrefix] [the grousmanagerprefix] <playername> message

    how i can do this every way is good the only thing i want is this working so i can use my plugin and groupmanager togetter
  11. Go into the essentials config, and change 'change-displayname' to false
  12. But i want to have the group manager prefix also
    or isn't it possible?
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