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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lrn2root, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I'm so close to launching my server but these permissions don't seem to work.

    • /spawn doesn't work
    • /kit <name> doesn't work. Say's I have inappropriate permissions but when I do /kit it gives me the option to create:edit etc....
    • A member cannot interact with a public chest in SafeZone
    • A member cannot buy/sell in shop. [Plugin is ChestShop]
    • A member cannot go through a portal I set with the plugin PortalCommands
    Please help me ASAP!
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    spawn: you put it in twice, maybe that is it
    kit: essentials.kits.* allows access to get a kit, essentials.kits only lets you see them
    portal: pc.portal.use.* for all, pc.portal.use.[portal name] for some

    I cant seem to find the 'SafeZone' plugin, for future reference: google '[Plugin Name] Permissions' and it will almost always give you a page with what you need as the first result :)
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    1 and 2: Type /ess debug, try use command, paste console please.
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    aikoels thanks for the help but it didn't work.

    09.02 09:27:58 [Server] INFO calculated command (essentials) cost for lrn2root as 0
    09.02 09:27:58 [Server] INFO checking if lrn2root can afford charge.
    09.02 09:27:58 [Server] INFO checking if lrn2root has essentials.essentials - true
    09.02 09:27:58 [Server] INFO checking if lrn2root has essentials.mail - true
    09.02 09:27:52 [Server] INFO [lrn2root]
    09.02 09:27:52 [Server] INFO checking if lrn2root has - true
    09.02 09:27:52 [Server] INFO checking if lrn2root has essentials.mail - true

    I assume this is what you're asking for.
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    lrn2root Paste full thing please, that paste does not contain /spawn or /kit kitname
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    Honestly, I have no idea how to do this at all.
    The issue remaining is /spawn and /kit .... This is so frustrating

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    09.02 12:05:08 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'spawn' in plugin BDSpawn v1.3
    09.02 12:05:08 [Server] WARN Unexpected exception while parsing console command "spawn"
    lrn2root Do you have a plugin called BDSpawn? Because that looks like what might be causing your /spawn command to fail.
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    Oh yes I do, is the plugin necessary?
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    lrn2root Essentials covers everything that BDSpawn does. So no, you don't need that plugin as long as you've got Essentials.
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    Thanks, you really helped me! I fixed the problem with kits too. I just don't know what's wrote my my portal commands. it says I don't have permission
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