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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bobcat00, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Group Manager used to only have entries in users.yml for players who were in groups other than the default or had other non-default entries, such as a special prefix variable. In other words, a player in the default group with nothing special was not listed in users.yml

    Now every player coming on the server is getting an entry in users.yml, even if he's in the default group. This is cluttering up the file with entries like this (Member is the default group in all worlds):

         group: Member
         subgroups: []
         permissions: []
    The change I made recently was to the mirroring, where I have one world with a separate groups.yml. But users.yml is mirrored across all worlds.

    Any idea why users.yml is getting all these useless entries?
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    The Fancy Whale

    In case you want to edit individual people.
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    Bobcat00 Could you provide config.yml, groups.ymls and GM version please?
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    GroupManager 2.0 (2.12.1) (Phoenix)
    CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.7.2-R0.3

    config -
    globalgroups -
    survival worlds groups (6 worlds) -
    PlotWorld groups (1 world) -
    Startup log -

    I see that pastebin screws-up the spacing for the YAML syntax highlighting, but the raw data is correct, of course.

    Note that I'm also running Multiverse-Inventories.

    I noticed that the extraneous/unnecessary entries are created when someone joins the game. I also noticed that some of them did get removed at some point, but I'm not sure when. A restart did NOT remove the entries. And a subsequent /mansave did NOT remove them, either.

    Full plugin list:
    CombatLog 1.8.11
    Essentials 2.12.2
    EssentialsChat 2.12.2
    EssentialsGeoIP 2.12.2
    EssentialsSpawn 2.12.2
    GriefPrevention 7.7
    GroupManager 2.0 (2.12.1) (Phoenix)
    InfinityDispenser 1.7
    MobArena 0.96.2
    MotdManager 1.41-b20
    Multiverse-Core 2.5-b677
    Multiverse-Inventories 2.5-b365
    Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.5-b668
    Multiverse-Portals 2.5-b699
    NoCheatPlus 3.10.7-BETA-sMD5NET-b651
    Orebfuscator 2.0.5
    PlayerHeads 3.8-jenkins-PlayerHeads-1-48-ged24b6b
    PlotMe 0.13b
    Prism 1.6.8
    ProtectionStones 1.9d
    PwnFilter 3.1.2
    SignURLs 1.0.5
    SilkSpawners 3.3.4
    Vault 1.2.31-b411
    WallClock 0.2.2a
    WorldEdit 5.5.8
    WorldGuard 5.8
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