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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BatteryAcid, May 13, 2012.

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    I need help to figure out how to set permissions so that my Moderators can change people from Default to certain ranks, but not able to go past a certain rank. Like for example. To promote someone to Noblese, then to Member if they like the server and want to build. And then to another group but I don't want them to be able to promote people to Mods or to PreMods. I only want them to be able to promote up to a certain rank. All help would be greatly appreciated.
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    what permissions plugin you use ?
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    I use bPermissions
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    If you use GroupManager, by default if someone has the permissions to rank up somebody with the groupmanager in-game commands, they cant rank up anyone past their level, or de-rank anyone on the same level as them or higher.
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    GroupManager is outdated and abandoned?
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    Use the bPermissions promotion track system!
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    Would you be awesome enough to explain that to me? :3 <3

    I know where the track folder is and everything, I just don't know the permissions to give TO MY mODERATORS.

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    Well bPermissions operates named tracks.

    Directly from the page.

    If you have a track in tracks.yml called donator - you would give tracks.donator to your moderators!

    How simple is that?
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    Soooo I give this permission node to my Moderators: tracks.trackname
    And they can promote people under them. But not higher right? Like a Moderator couldn't make someone Admin?
    - Default
    - Noblese
    - Nember
    - ActiveMember
    - PreMod
    - Moderator
    So. If I give my Moderators the permission node tracks.trackname, they can promote people in that list and demote them?
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    right do you'd do /promote codename_B Track
    (track names are case sensitive - your track is called "Track" there - its the yaml key)
    The permission node is tracks.Track

    any other questions?
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