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    Plugin category: fixes-informational-

    Suggested name: Group Tag

    What I want: Basically, a plugin that adds the group name the player is in as a prefix on his name tag over his head. It would be automatic. Just drop the jar and it does the rest automatically.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed for this plugin.

    When I'd like it by: Anytime.
  2. Try NametagEdit.
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    megasaad44 By group name do you mean the permissions group that the player is in?
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    Ryan6338 Yeah group manger, pex, etc...
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    The problem with that is if you try to change their nametag to NOT their name... their skin will appear differently, say for instance, you change their name to "Notch" it will change their skin to notch's, if you add a group prefix in their nametag, technically it wouldn't be their name, so their skin would be Default unless there is a minecraft account with that name (Which is most likely there is none). So if you change "artish1" to "[TheHunters] artish1" Then it would change their skin to default.

    So technically, if you add in the prefix, it would not be their name.
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    I have a plugin that colors overhead name depending on group. Doesn't mess with skin. Also I'm not sure if it still messes skin, I think they are separate things now.

    Look at the TagAPI plugin, it will list compatible plugins. One of those plugins might be what you want. Pretty much every plugin that modifies overhead name will require TagAPI.

    Edit: for instance this one seems to do the job
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    Having a different color name will not affect the skin but changing the name will.
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    Damn. :/

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