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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xWaffleH, Apr 15, 2011.

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    my group manger is not working at all i cant do anything when i type my name i the users yml and save i go in the server and the yml restarts can anyone plzzz help.i dont know if its bc of the last build 677 but if anyone can help thank u
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    mean, that after a server restart the config.yml was overwritten by the old version, so nothing has changed? It stays current, if you REALLY shutdown craftbukkit for a while and edit the config.yml and THEN you can restart it
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    GroupManager is designed to have you control permissions from INGAME using the commands it provides.
    If you wish to edit the files manually you must override GroupManager's autosave functionality.

    1) /mantogglesave - this disables autosaving so that you don't have groupmanager autosave while you are editing
    2) Make your changes to the file
    3) /manload - This loads your changes into memory
    4) /mantogglesave - Turns autosaving back on.

    The plugin autosaves upon the server shutting down or reloading, hence why your changes are being overwritten.
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