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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by alon3121, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I got three problems with group manager.
    1.When i want to add my self as owner or add someone else to admin it says like this.
    Coudeln't Retrive your world. world selection is needed use /manselect (world)
    and when i am doing /manselect world thats Closeing the Server i though that will make it work but its not its doing the same after it.
    2.When i put new users on permission i need to do add it by my self there anyway that will give autorank??
    3. And the last one is when i put user at the group manager it doesnt put his Prefix (member or admin not care that just wont put it i added at the Prefix line what i want and at the suffix)
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    Are you making a plugin? If not then ask this question in groupmanagers thread.
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    Moved to Bukkit help.
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    1. what do you mean /manselect is closing the server?
    2. i dont understand that at all.
    3. you have a chat plugin?
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    I understand what u mean in no.2
    Just do this to fix it
    The Rank U want To Give To New Players Set Their Defult To True
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    Maybe like this :

    manuadd {YourName}{YourWorld}
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    1. i just doing /manselect World and its Starting to Random close my server
    2.i want that who will join the game will get a Auto rank For Example Guest ,Member.
    3. Nope i have no idea how its Called :/

    Not working

    Its already on default i just want to know how to give the prefix auto? (Seted the prefix in the plugin)

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    what happens on console on this "random close"?

    can you paste startup log?

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