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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by UNit_Five5, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Can someone please help me to create a permissions file for my public smp server

    Plugins: WorldEdit, VeinMiner, Vault, VanishNoPacket, Timber, StackMob, SilkSpawners, RandomTP, MergedSpawner, MCMMO, Lockette, FastASyncWorldEdit, EssentialsX, EssentialsXSpawn, EssentialsXGeoIP, EssentialsXChat, EssentialsXGroupManager, ColorSignsText

    Groups: Member, Blaze, Squid, Slime, Helper, Mod, Admin, Co-Owner, Owner
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    @UNit_Five5 Nobody will make the file for you.
    Certainly without telling what you want them to have.
    Limit the amount of ranks, you really don't need all off them yet.
    Add the permissions plugin by plugin.
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