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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by blackwolf12333, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Still, just don't download Minecraft. I really don't care if you download games from real big companies (however I do encourage purchasing them), as they make money anyway.
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    I have a legal account... I'm talking about others, you see, I never buy games, but I bought minecraft, cuz I got addicted to it and I just had to support the creators for making such a great game, it wouldn't bo so popular if you couldn't play multiplayer with cracked clients, as for others it's just too much money, but if they play it often, they buy the legal version, as most people from my country.
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    This thread
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    Dont do this. Good concept! Too many griefers/hackers use an Alt(alternate account) along with or a proxy(ip that is not their own). Good idea, but a couple flaws :(
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    Notch should remove the offline thing
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    I would agree with that now, as long as the servers are stable. You should have seen them back in the day, their uptime was HORRIBLE.
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    I would say rather than removing offline mode, have offline mode servers require a special download from which you get only by special request
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    I do run a cracked server and it was fun at the start but then the hackers came plus some staff are bad and runned it so I decided to reset it it since I have it popular tho that will be the last cracked server I ran because it is a pain to manange so I am making a 2nd server that wont be cracked but I do perrfer that notch should remove it because you cant even login when there server's are down you will need a cracked client to login so for now on if I make more servers they wont be cracked

    I think what notch should really do it have a client for non-preium users and make them register and that client will only be for cracked servers so there will be less hackers plus they can see if they really wanna buy the game

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    That's what cracked clients already do. Why would the author of the game support that? That's giving the game away for free!

    Plus, you can play creative for free and see if you would like the whole game instead.
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    Well ya I never thought of that before lol makes more sence.
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    I would think that if Notch or Jeb really had a problem with it, they could pretty easily plug up the vulnerabilities...
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    i could provide an ban list with about 10.000 entries of alt-accounts and (more or less) active griefers.

    Send me a PM if you are interested.
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    10 entries, geez, that's a lot!
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    Feeling generous?
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    No, in many countries (that are not the US), you can use the '.' as what 'muricans use as a comma. For example,

    30,000 becomes 30.000
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    Here is Australia, a '.' separates a whole number from a decimal. e.g. 3.14159
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    Look at this.
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    Sacreligous, from TeamAvolition.
    Not sure about the IP though. He uses so many proxies that CraftBukkit lags when it tries to ping him D:<
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    No point in it. People will find ways to crack Minecraft anyways.
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