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    PLUGIN CATEGORY: Grief Prevention

    SUGGESTED NAME: Grief Notice (would use griefalert but that is already being used)

    WHAT I WANT: Hello, I was wondering if someone could make a plugin that could alert certain players groups when certain block types are broken (from a blacklist or something of the sort), the plugin would alert the group members when different block types are broken so say someone breaks 5 glass blocks, an alert would be sent for the first glass block but not for subsequent breaks in order to prevent chat spam, although once the block type that is being broken changes again, another alert would be sent out. When the alerts are sent out, it would be something along the line of:

    COMMANDS: griefalert #237 notch broke a glass block at 10 20 10

    which the group member could then tp to by doing /gcheck 237

    just an idea though, let me know what you think please :)
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    I'm writing this from a phone, so I can't give you links... (too lazy :p)

    But there are TONS of plugins that do this. Just search for something along the lines of "block notifier".

    If any of these features aren't in the plugin, you can always talk to the dev or look at the other ones.
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    oh neat :) was just what i was looking for, had asked in a different thread (and referenced a canary plugin that does the same as an example) and the person who replied pretty much told me to screw off and go back to canary :/ your reply was very helpful though, thanks!
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    Where, in my response, did I hint at me being angry or stupefied by your request? I simply offered an easier alternative to your request. -.-
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    sorry about that :/ had misinterpreted the go back to canary part as saying just leave us alone

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