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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Scorpionvssub, May 13, 2015.

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    Catagory: Hub

    Permission node: None

    Name: ArrowLead

    Inventory slot: Configurable

    Item: lead with arrow when right clicked to hook into a block. After it succesfully hits into a block it flings you up in the air causing a form of free fall.

    Info: When you join the server you have the compas and other items depending on whta the server offers, im looking for a inventory item grappling hook, a lead that has an arrow attached when you throw it not with Q but when you right click. It should then hook into a block with a nice throw animation and if it hits a block and you right click again pull you towards that block.
    This item should not be in a premade inventory slot but a configurable one so i can decide which inventory spot i want it in.

    When is it needed? Anytime you have the time. :)
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    anyone? :D
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    I got the idea of a plugin I just made from this page, I did not use any of your ideas pretty much but I made this:

    /Grapple - Teleports You In The Direction You Are Looking In,
    To The Block You Are Looking At (Max 100 block teleport) (Also removes a configurable amount of money from the player)


    Show Spoiler
    # #
    # Created By SuperSniper/ArcheryIsKey #
    # #

    #How much would /grapple cost?
    #100.0 = $100
    #Too high of a number might break the plugin!
    Grapple-Cost: 100.0

    Download: <Mediafire is not allowed>
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    @Scorpionvssub I just don't think something like this can be created with a plugin. A developer can check if you have a lead and arrow in your inventory, and then make a custom item that is just an arrow with changed ItemMeta. But you're probably not going to get a visual effect of an actual grappling hook.
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    Oh, it can.
    This Grappling Hook has always been a part of my Plugin Slimefun for example.
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    @ForsakenRealmz I got the idea from a hub on a different server so it is highly possible @SuperSniper Its a hub item so crafting or buying things wont work as the hub wont have cash/vault and crafting stuff wont work either as they cant gain items in the hub(adventure mode) it has to be premade into a configurable inventory slot.
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    I look forward to seeing this plugin made then. I'd definitely like to see how it is made more specifically! Sounds like some crazy knowledge.
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    haha yea lets hope someone is willing :)

    bumpy bump in the trump

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    Hey Man,

    I could do this? I'm not too sure about the lead and arrow and stuff, but how about a fishing rod as a grapple?
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    Try this:

    Works exactly as you describe it, it may be 1.6.2 but it works for both 1.7.9 and 1.8.

    Problem is it is a fishing rod, and they need to initiate a command to get the item unless you find a plugin that turns commands to items.
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    Thanks @EnVoltage but that appears to be a crafting item which is not very good :confused:
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    What im exacly looking for it can be a premade fishing rod if there is no other way but...a configurable hook(slot wise) that flings you up in the air in the direction of where the hook is in the block

    Edit: cant be a crafting plugin, cant be a command item(this would require evne more text hub wise that probably wont get read. can be a fishing rod if lead + arrow is too hard for the creator. And must be configurable slot so if i wanna have it in slotbar 5 i can choose via config to get it in number 5 or 9 if i want it in 9.
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    I Al Istannen

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    Tested it but it lacks a vital function namely: Config file. it has none.

    Edit: It doesnt even randomly show up in inventory and since hub wont allow crafting and im not gonna add crafting items in a hub, i cant use such plugin

    Thanks though thus far helping looking around :D really appreciated!
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    unfortunatly that download is not available so cant do that.
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    I currently have a custom grappling hook plugin, but I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. What do you want in a config file? The ability to chose the slot the grapple spawns in in your inventory? Do you want it to be thrown, or do you already have protection against throwing items? Should it have a certain amount of uses then break?
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    it should be, unbreakable as it would be for a hub thus always usable no repairing no crafting just config load(perferably chooseable which slot it goes in) it should be thrown yes or preferably like...a fishing rod when you throw it into the water(or at a player on skywars) The hub is in adventure mode but should allow it none the less.
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    bump a rump!
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