GrandExchange (runsecape style) based shop plugin

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    Plugin category: economy, fun, role playing

    Suggested name: GrandExchange Reloaded

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin that works like the Runescape Grand Exange.

    What i would love to see in this plugin is something like 1 central chest that you can place at your spawn location in the server and that players can put the item they want to sell in this chest with a customisable price. When your put your mouse at the item i'd like to see the item name, price and the name of the player who sells it.

    It would also be nice to customise the chest that it can't get filled up, so it would be nice to add a thing to scroll down in the chest.

    Giving the item you want to sell a customisable name, so if a player wants to buy your item out of the G/E all he needs to type is ./ge buy itemname (given by seller)

    Another cool thing would be to add a timer at the items that are putted in the chest, because otherwise noobs would spam the Grand Exchange chest with crappy stuff and it won't go away if nobody buys it. That's why i suggest a configurable time that the item stays in the G/E. This isn't necessarily but it would be a cool add-on.

    Ideas for commands: /ge additem ID price customname
    /ge buy customname (to buy something)
    /ge change price customname (to change the price of the item that you put intoit)
    /ge emptye/clear (or something similar so the admins can eventually clear it)

    Ideas for permissions:
    I don't know much about the perms but what i'd love to see in the plugin is that the admin can overwrite things in the G/E, so when a noob put's a huge price for a noob item he'll be able to remove it.

    When I'd like it by:
    In 1 or 2 months, i don't know how long it takes to script such a plugin.
    I don't care about the time but it would be so great if somebody could script such a plugin!
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    Sounds fun but a bit too much for a beginner like me hopefully some1 will pick this up 4 u
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    The thought behind is very simple.

    It should become a chest that opperates as a kind of bank where you can put an item in with a certain name and price (maybe a timer but that's not a must) and where i can take the item out for the price which was set up.

    I'm hoping to get reactions from some scripting gurus.

    Once this plugin is created, many servers would like to have this because it would be super efficient!
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    Now and a days, you can make banks/g.e's with Anvils and chests.
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    What do you want to say ?
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    Wells its a good idea, but you can makes Banks/Shops/G.E's with like Hoppers, and droppers.
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    not hard to make, but a waste of my time. would be interesting to see, but don't call it RS grand exchange. We all hate runescape (at least the mature people :D)
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    I will second that. I wasted 8 years on that shitty game. I quit when I got hacked for my santa hat and 219m. I had 8 99's :p (Strenth, ranged, magic, prayer, Hitpoints, woodChopChop, firemaking, and Hunter) as well as 75 strength, 40 defence, 94 RC, 87 summoning, 108 dungeoneering, 97 cooking, 81 smithing, 96 mining, 83 fishing. Now runescape is shit, especially with the graphics.
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    I think you don't get it.

    I know i can make a bank with hoppers..

    What i want is a plugin like chestshops but i don't like the personal chestshops. What i want is 1 central chest that i can place in the spawn of my server where 1 player can put an item in for sale and where another player can buy the item from that same chest.
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    Still nobody who want to make this?
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    I don't know how to integrate an economy plugin (essentials, BosEconomy, Iconomy)
    otherwise I would worked on it
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    I was actually planning on making this about a year or so ago. Never got around to it. Maybe I will soon, though. Anyone really want me to make this?
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    Go ahead. It would be a very cool plugin, and you could probably make some money from donations as well!
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    I really want to make this but I think I am not good enough yet to develop it :(
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    I looked in some economy code and I think I can make this, I am really busy at the moment,
    don't expect it really soon (maybe 2 weeks, I've got time in my weekends).
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    I saw this and I love the idea, The only thing I would do is a more web based GE. Have a graphing system and stuff for all the items, make it fluctuate prices based on supply and demand, ect.

    It'd take a long time but I honestly think it's a great way to have a dynamic economy
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    You can use Vault for that.
    But I really like the idea of this plugin, I hope someone picks it up!
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    Yeah I think I know how I gonna do it,
    I really gonna use vault because I am not planning to integrate each economy plugin for itselves.
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    Thanks for looking in to this, i really like to have this plugin !

    I don't care how long it takes you, even if it takes more then a month..

    Kind regards
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    Thx I really need some time, first I finish my own plugin (NoPermissions)
    I have it almost ready only a little thing in the config what I can't get trough.
    Then I will make this plugin as quick as possible and then I start with an awesome (noob friendly) big plugin for my practical assignment for my informatics lesson (school)
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    sounds cool try ashops
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    Aight man, so are you able to make it within the next 2 months ?
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    yes I can make that in 2 months, I already started with it but I don't know how to use java and sql together that's my biggest problem

    (I can both languages)
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    This was actually one of the ideas I had in my head. If I have spare time soon, I'll give this a try.
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    would be nice if you can make this :)
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    I am already working on it, had a problem with the database but that problem is solved.
    (special thanks for timtower :))
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Yeey I helped :D :p
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    if you need to , check out the coding for ^ you might get an idea
    the link to the source code is at the very bottom
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    Thx never saw that plugin before, mine is gonna be a little bit more expended (like multiple pages in the GE chest)
    This will help me with some coding in the plugin :)
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    Why are you bumping this?

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