Gradual Terrain Heal from Explosions

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Ravenis, May 27, 2011.

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    If there is something like this. Link it and I will love you.
    The idea, if it can be implemented, is to track when and where and explosion happens. And eventually the world will heal, be it block by block or all at once if that's all that's possible.

    I know it's difficult to record the position of every block in a non-laggy way so maybe it would use the world seed and position of explosion to regenerate that piece based on the seed. Like using WorldEdit to regenerate a small selected area based off the seed.

    Also as a consequence, this would mean that builds get damaged by explosions, Cool, more challenge. But when you have a server of more than 4 people, the amount of holes in the natural landscape won't eventually grow out of control. As a result, we can blow up huge builds with TNT, but not the world.

    Maybe limit the regeneration to like 10 blocks under sealevel and up to reduce lag. Or make this configurable. Also so underground explosions can still happen.
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    @Ravenis I just happened to stumble upon your idea. And I do like it! However, it'd probably have to be decently lag free to use and rather complex to code, I'd imagine. Props to you for the idea, though. ;)
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    Yeah that's the only thing I thought was lag generation, and secondly if it's even possible but I was thinking it might be due to the regenerating mines plugin.. I was just looking for a way to include creeper explosions in a more populated server. That DID destroy buildings but not ravage the terrain. At least over time it would heal. Based on the world seed, which would naturally leave out any edited/added blocks in the healing process.
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