Got a plugin Idea but im not able to create it im only in the basics.

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  1. Hey so my idea is to add a few new mobs, a Ninja (I have the skin file) and a ninja master. There are two types of ninjas. White Ninjas and black ninjas. Black ninjas will attack you while white ninjas will be in trees were you can right click them to give them a mission. The missions could cost a certain amount each and could be ssetup by a server admin. There could be assassinate (playername), forge a ninjasword (you would need to bring them gold and diamond as well as pay them for this, the sword could be stronger than a diamond sword) ... Theres more stuff and its not just mobs so if you are interested start a conversation with me. I can help with the skins for anything and some basic things. I can also help manage the plugins thread. Thanks in advance if your willing to help. I would love to see the idea come to life.
    Im really trying to find someone interested in this thanks
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    In my opinion this is too difficult to do and you probably won't find a developer willing to do this for free. I could do this if you are willing to put some money into it. Skype me: keiranturner33
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    You'd have to use Spout for this or a Forge mod with a version of Bukkit that can load mods.
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    I don't think you'd need Spout necessarily, or any of those things unless you purposely wanted them.

    You could either make NPCs/mobs and just dress them in white/black leather, or take two player accounts and give them the skin you want, then create fake versions of those players.

    I don't have much interest in doing this ATM, but it's possible.
  5. Ok thanks for the feedback.
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    Adding a new mob/block/item to the game is not possible using Bukkit. This would require some kind of mod such as Spout or Minecraft Forge. There are indeed workarounds for this problem, but none of them are quite as capable as a mod.

    Also from the sounds of things you want to add some rather advanced AI features into the game which would be rather difficult regardless of how you were trying to implement them.

    Overall this project isn't really that viable with Bukkit, and would require a rather experienced coder to pull off otherwise.
  7. ok thanks guys
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    It's not really that bad. If you start small and expand outward with functionality, it's entirely doable. You just need to find someone who's interested in it.
  9. Do you think ill find anyone interested in it?

    Noone seems to be interested view my other plugin idea MinecraftReloaded

    This will probably not be donee on its own but will likely be included in MinecraftReloaded also known as McMultiplayerReloaded

    Also whats bumping?? On my other page someone said i was??
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    It's constantly posting on the thread to get it put at the top of the list. Stop.
  11. Oh ok but how do i not do it if i want to say something?

    Do edits bump this cause sometimes i have edits?

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