Good VPS's for around $20-$30

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ewized, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I really want to get another VPS and want to know some good ones that I can use for Minecraft servers.
    I want it to have at lease 2-3 IP Address, 8gb Ram and a 4 core CPU.
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    8GB ram for $30?
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    Yes that's what I'm paying now.
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    Ha, good luck.

    If you have one now why not buy another?
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    who's your host? :D
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    ewized but I got that during their sale. Also it was a custom vps.
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    Do they lag? I saw that host but their prices are so cheap that they might use poop machines.
    Yeah so why are you switching anywayss
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    Then don't lag if you have your server set up right. I never had lag. There may be one issue with them as their VPS were made for websites but I'm using then for Minecraft. So if your server has high load for just a tab bit they will suspend your VPS with out notifying you but that may be my fault as I was pushing my server to their limits. Currently in a ticket war trying to see what I can do to fix the High loads. They say its a script but I think its something with how I have the mysql database set up on their shared web hosting linking with my vps server.
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    haha, 8gb of ram for $20-$30. You sir, are a comedian.
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    FNG Nation

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    Nathan C

    For $30? Lol, not going to happen.... Try more like $50-60.

    Well, could happen........ but with a horrible oversold host.

    Judging by your requirements, it seems you are going to host about 3 Minecraft servers on the same VPS. I'd highly recommend against that and instead get a dedicated server.... VPSs are designed to host high CPU or disk I/O applications and if you start using up lots of both, then the host will suspend or throttle you.
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    Ok I have a question with these specs what is the max that I can get out of one server with these specs with a appache running and mysql on it? As the other IP address was for a vent and web server dedicated IP.
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    Also how did this happen lol. [​IMG]

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    You won't need 3 IP addresses for multiple services running on your server, as they each have their own port (minecraft: 25565, web: 80, vent: 3784)

    As for the host, one of my friends has a server from, they look pretty cool.
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    I know that Its just that I want dedicated IPs.
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