Good question I saw in the hmod forum thread.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zefyr0s, Jan 2, 2011.

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    What will actually happen when Notch releases his own server API? Obviously he isn't stupid enough to lock out any possibility of a 3rd party API, but how dedicated will the team be after that point? Also, have you thought about going to Notch directly with this as the official API? That might be a good idea if this actually takes off as well as the team and community feel it will.
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    I'm guessing Notch would make his own API, because that would give him more control over it.
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    Notch can suck it. We will still break free of the limitations to make something better than his LOLCode.
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    Yeah, but without his LOLCode, we wouldn't be breaking free of anything because there'd be no Minecraft; almost a vicious cycle there. Still, he could do better, and I personally think if he wants to do better, he needs to pick up one of these custom server projects and use that as his server implementation.

    Working software + free community work = profit.
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    He should open source the server side and don't license it (he owns all the rights) (no forking) and we can use that to just extend from and develop our own api's that interface with it.
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    Hah. I just went to the very last page of the Bukkit Discussion forums and found this. I find it amazingly relevant for what's going on right now, with CraftBukkit.
  7. pookeythekid When people are having debates they don't go about resurrecting people to see what they would have thought about the issue - I think we should apply the same when it comes to threads. :)

    Edit: Although I have to admit this is basically what happens, it turns out

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