Good mini map mod for server out there?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by nuke21, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I have tried looking for a few different map mods but I don't see any pictures in any of the ones I have seen so I don't know if it is what I am looking for. What I want is a little mini map in like a corner to show location and maybe direction they are facing. maybe it could have a compass on it so I know where I am looking. I play with about 2 friends and we usually go exploring together but we get lost sometimes and it is hell to fine eachother again sometimes lol so this would really help.
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    dynmap is a server plugin that will show a live map of the world on a webpage. Makes it almost too easy to find your way around. Rei's minimap is a client mod that puts a minimap & compass on your screen. With those two apps, you should never get lost again.
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    Thank you for the reply Greylocke. I heard of dynmap but I don't want to have to leave my game or tab out, that is why I only wanted a minimap. I tried searching for Rei's minimap on here but I didn't find it. Is this not available for Bukkit?
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    Rei's is not a bukkit plugin. It is a client-side mod. Installs quite easily with MCPatcher. From your avatar, it looks like you've got some military experience. Your orienteering training and a compass should be all you need, right?
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    Thank you Yuushi. The couple of friends I play Minecraft with on my server live far away, and do not know how to do anything but double click on Minecraft.exe and play the game, which is why I was looking for a Bukkit plugin so I can handle all the technical work for them.

    And Greylocke, lol yes. I NEVER get lost (wink), it is them that wonder aimlessly and want me to come find them :D
  7. Also there is the minimap that is included with CJB Mods.
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    Is CJB on a bukkit mod? I looked but didn't find it
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    The Minimaps plugin seems to be what you're looking for, but it has not yet been updated. It is a Spout plugin that provides a clientside minimap if the player is running Spoutcraft.

    You might also try ComPassionate, a plugin that adds to your compass the ability to find a player

    .. and CJB is a client mod
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    Everytime I type in CJB it says:

    "No results found
    Please try a different query."
    I will defiantly try out that minimap when it is updated. Thank you very much for that Greylocke!
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